Nihongo Fun & Easy - I & II

Nihongo Fun & Easy I

Survival Japanese Conversation for Beginners


Speak like a native!

Conversation style helps students learn natural sounding Japanese.

Learn what interests you!

Different situations, topics and phrases mean you can learn according to your interests.

Flexible, Practical, and Relevant

Independent grammar and real life situation study sections allows you the flexibility to study what is most relevant for you.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice!

Lots of practice exercises in each unit to help students learn natural phrases and expressions.


Nihongo Fun & Easy II

Basic Grammar for Conversation


Convenient Phrases

Study the most convenient phrase for each verb conjugation!

Practical Vocabulary

Learn practical vocabulary for your everyday life in Japan.

More than just Grammar!

Much more than just grammar! Learn many natural expressions that you can add to daily conversation.

Fun and Useful Roleplays

Have the chance to learn many casual and natural Japanese expressions through dialogue roleplay!


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Note to Readers from the Authors

The idea to create this book came out after a failure to find a suitable textbook for our own students. Our students had a need to learn practical Japanese for immediate use in the real world – as opposed to a textbook that would teach them grammar forms and verb conjugation rules. The majority of beginner texts that we found made it difficult to grasp the Japanese language in a systematic way.
We wanted to give our students something better – and thus, the idea for Nihongo Fun & Easy was born.


We would also like to send a special thanks to  Lingo in London for using Nihongo Fun & Easy I and II as their textbook.