JLPT N5 Practice Test


Practice for the JLPT N5 with this simulated test!





Take this N5 Practice Test to see how you will do on the real JLPT N5. This is the closest thing to the real exam available on the internet.

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Timed quiz sections
  • The same number of questions as the real JLPT N5
  • Vocabulary/kanji, grammar, reading, and listening sections
  • Visual cues for listening questions

Take a JLPT N5 Practice Test

There are many JLPT N5 Practice quizzes online, but none of them give you the feeling of what the real test will actually be like. When you buy a traditional sample of JLPT, it comes with a separate audio CD — and no timer. How many times have you “cheated” by replaying the tracks and stalling?

With our test, each section is timed and integrated with audio. This pushes you to move on to the next question, mimicking real-life JLPT.  Are you ready to see what the really JLPT N5 is like?

Become a Beta Tester of This Exam

This exam is in beta, which is why we are only charging 500 JPY (less than 4 USD). We want you to be the first people to try it out and give feedback on this new launch — if there are any bugs or room for improvement. For those who participate in the beta test, we will give you unlimited access to re-tries in the future. So log in and buy now!


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