JLPT N2 Preparation Course: Kanji and Vocabulary

¥12,000 / month





Pass the JLPT and improve your career prospects.

Our online JLPT prep lectures cover all of the essential elements of the JLPT N2. The seminar-style lectures have students work individually with the lesson material while listening to the lecture on the screen.


Kanji & Vocabulary Class 19:10-21:00 PM on Wednesday

*All on Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
*No class on national holidays in Japan

Course Features

With a combination of live classes and self-study assignments, this course is best for people who would like to have support from a professional native Japanese instructor.

Pre-class assignments through Google Form before each class will prepare students for live classes. The teachers can structure the live classes based on the collective results of your homework, strategically targeting weak points and tricky sections.

During live lectures, we ask that your microphone and camera be turned off. You can send questions to your teacher beforehand through chat  or by text message during the live classes.

After each class, you will receive the next pre-class assignment. You will also have a monthly review test to evaluate your study progress.

The class is recorded and the participants are able to watch the video for about one month from the actual course. The video recordings will be found in the Feed section within 2 business days from the live class.

Course Materials

Please make sure to prepare all books necessary for your course before the first class.

Course Enrollment

The course enrollment takes place on a monthly basis. The monthly charge covers a 1 month period from the day you sign up to the previous day of the following month.

If you have completed your course and would like to stop taking classes, please let us know that you would like to cancel before your monthly payment due date, and you will not be charged for the next period.

*This course is non-refundable.

Meet Your JLPT N2 Teacher

Coto’s JLPT N2 online kanji and vocabulary class will be taught by Kaori Shiigi. ​

After completing her teacher training program, Kaori Shiigi took the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test. She has been a professional Japanese instructor for more than 5 years.

Before becoming a Japanese teacher, Shiigi worked as a systems developer in the automotive industry and was employed at an accounting firm. She studied Western philosophy in the department of literature and spent a short term in the United States on a study abroad program. Now, she uses her business expertise to help prospective working students tackle business Japanese across multiple complex situations.

This year, she will be teaching JLPT N2 online every Wednesday.

Watch a Sample Class

Watch a course sample to see what we mean about “seminar-style”. Take advantage of our Coto Virtual Classroom and learn efficiently.


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