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Kaoru · April 26, 2022

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Course Details

This course is designed to teach practical basic Japanese grammar that is used in a variety of situations. The goal of this course is to help you to be able to understand how to conjugate various forms of Japanese verbs and use them in a grammatically correct way.

Course TitleActive Basic Japanese Grammar A&B
LevelBeginner (JLPT N5)
Course descriptionThis is the foundation to be able to communicate in Japanese and the goal is that you’ll be able to to use basic conjugated forms and speak naturally.
Class structureOne of the important aspects for beginner Japanese learners is the conjugation of verbs and adjectives. Even if you are learning it just as knowledge, you cannot actually use the expressions in daily conversation if you do not know what kind of situation you will actually use.

This course will target one conjugation and practice expressions using the form. You will start practicing from simple sentences and gradually practice more complicated long conversations.
TextbooksNihongo Fun&Easy 2
Active Basic Japanese Grammar A (Coto original material)
Active Basic Japanese Grammar B (Coto original material)

Material Sample

What’s covered in the course?

Target formTarget expressionsKanji
A1Unit 1
Dictionary form
Introduction of Dictionary form
I like Ving(~のがすきです)
A2Talking about your plan(つもり)
Before …(~前に~)
A3Review Practice
Conversation Practice
A4Unit 2
Introduction of Masu-form
Shall I…?(ましょうか?)
A5Describing the destination(Vにいきます)
Express your wish(Vたいです)
A6Do something too much(Vすぎる)
Review Practice
A7Unit 3
Introduction of Te-form
Simple request(~てください)
A8Polite request(~ていただけませんか)
Consecutive actions(~て、~)
A9Asking permission(~てもいいですか)
Review Practice
A10Unit 4
Review of Te-form
Ongoing action(~ています)
A11Express a situation or status(~ています)
Continuous situation/action in the past(~ていました)
A12Action not completed(まだ~ていません)
Review Practice
A13Unit 5
Introduction of Ta-form
Past experience(~たことがあります)
半 分
A14Giving Advice(~たほうがいいです)
Describing several actions(~たり~たりします)
人 子
Review Practice
女 男
A16Unit 6
Intoduction of Nai-form
Ask not to do(~ないでください)
目 口
A17Describing what you have to do(~なきゃいけません)
Suggesting against doing(~ないほうがいいです)
耳 手
A18Describing you don’t have to do(~なくてもいいです)
Review Practice
足 力
A19Unit 7
Plain form
Intoduction of Plain-form(Non-past)
Espressing an opinion(~と思います)
父 母
A20Indicating possibility(~かもしれません)
先 生
A21Review of Plain form(Non-past)
Review Practice
学 校
A22Unit 7
Plain form
Introdution of Plain form(Past)
Espressing an opinion(~と思います)
友 本
A23Indicating possibility(~かもしれません)
毎 何
A24Total Review前 後 外
Target formTarget expressionsKanji
B1Expressions using short foms
Informal speech
左 右
B2Unit 8
東 西
B3Conversation Practice
Using two or more adjectives(~くて~)
南 北
B4Expressing impression(~そうです)
Conversation Practice
名 牛
B5Express excessiveness(~すぎます)
Review Practice
馬 魚
B6Unit 9
Potential verbs貝 雨
B7Conversation Practice
天 気
B8Something can be seen(~が見えます)
Review Practice
門 午
B9Unit 10
Plain form②
Review of Plain form(Past/Non-past)
It should be~(~はずです)
大 小
B10Conveying a reason(~ので~) / (から)
Conversation Practice
高 安
B11Noun Modification
Conversation Practice
新 古
B12Questions within larger sentences
長 多
B13Unit 11
Trying to do(~てみます)
Doing in preparation(~ておきます)
少 早
B14Result of a change(自動詞~ています)
Conversation Practice
行 来
B15Expressing regrets(~てしまいました)
Conversation Practice
食 見
B16Unit 12
Conditional form
Conditional form入 出
B17Conversation Practice立 書
B18Should have done(~ばよかったです)
How should I do ~?(どうやって~ばいいですか)
言 飲
B19Unit 13
Giving and Receiving
Giving and Receiving(items)
話 読 語
B20Giving and Receiving(actions)
間 聞
B21Unit 14
Volitional form
Volitiona form
Conversation Practice
買 休
B22Expressing intention/plan(~ようと思っています)
Conversation Practice
時 週
B23Conversation Practice
Unexpected result after an act(~ようと思ったら~)
道 今
B24Total Review


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