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Coto · April 20, 2021

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Course Details

Course TitleNatural and Fluent Japanese Communication 1
LevelIntermediate (JLPT N3)
Course descriptionThe goal of this course is to acquire a broad spectrum of vocabulary and freely use it in numerous sentence patterns during conversations. The goal of this course is to have general conversations in Japanese about many subjects.
Class structureThis class focuses on a few target expressions during each session.

We have selected several expressions that we feel are appropriate for the JLPT N3 Level and are used in common everyday conversations.

First, your instructor will explain the meaning and usage of the expression with several examples, including sentences and simulated dialogues.

Next, you will read aloud the sentences and have the instructor check your pronunciation.

Following this – you will make your own sentences and practice conversation with your classmates.

This is a fun opportunity to tailor the learning to your individual interests and needs.
TextbookNatural and Fluent Japanese 1 (Coto original material)

What’s covered in the course?

This course will cover the following parts of Japanese speech.

Each course session will cover and teach a different topic / grammar point.

This class is a grammar focused class that will enable you to learn specific sentence patterns that are relevant to the grammar point and also how to use them naturally in conversation.

Course Contents
Session NumberFocus Grammar
5おかげで・せいで / ふりをする
6らしい(性質/推測)/ っぽい
7がち / 気味
8というより / といっても
9わりに(は)/ なんか
10から~にかけて / ようになった
11ほど・くらい・ぐらい / Vようにしている
13に沿って / かと思ったら
15ことは~けど・けれど / ないことはない
18とおり / まま
19次第 / によって
20に比べて / に対して
23として / にとって
24うちに / ぶりに
26っけ?/ しかない
27たとたん / 最中に
28ことはない / べき
29わけではない・わけじゃない / からといって
30わけがない・わけない / てほしい・てもらいたい
31ついでに / たびに
32ても・たとえ~ても / いくら・どんなに~ても
33にしては / にしても
35Vように / ために
36~ように / ~ように(命令、願い)
37~ところ / ~どころではない
38~としたら / ~としても
39~かわりに / ~にかわって
40~さ / ~み / ~こと
42~あげる・あがる / ~きる・きれる・きれない
43~はもちろん / ~ばかりか
44~かけ / ~たて
48前置き表現 ~けど、~が、~て/文末表現~けど


What is an online group course?

An online group course meets regularly with a teacher and other students. If you choose to join this course – you will be joining with other students and participating in an online class taught by a professional Japanese instructor.

Who teaches the class?

Coto online group classes are taught by professional native Coto Japanese Instructors.

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