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Coto · June 25, 2021

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Thursday 13:10-14:00

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Course Details

This class will help students improve their quick-response ability and build their confidence. Students use a series of specially designed drills and speaking training to improve their communication ability. Good for upper beginners that are around a JLPT N4 Level.

Part-time Course
Course TitleEffective Drill Training
LevelUpper Beginner (N4)
Course descriptionThis class is highly recommended for those who have studied Japanese basic grammar but are having trouble applying it in real-life conversations. This class focuses on the important conjugations and grammar forms, and practice expressions that are often used in everyday life.
Class structureThis class focuses on a target form each time:Te-form, Nai-form or Conditional form. We have selected N4 level expressions that are the basis of Japanese grammar.
At the beginning of the class, your instructor will explain the meaning and usage of the expression with some examples. There are example sentences, so you can understand how they are used in everyday conversation. During the lesson, you will be taught the grammatical form of language features that you already know but struggle to use smoothly in daily conversation.
TextbookEffective Drill Training

Material Sample

What’s covered in the course?

Each course session will cover and teach a different target grammar.

This class teaches you the following basic vocabulary and grammar for use in everyday conversation in Japan.

1Verb Masu-form:~ni ikimasu/ ~tai desu13Verb Conditional form:~ba/ ~bayokatta desu
2Verb Masu-form:~masen ka/ ~mashoo ka/ ~mashoo14Verb Volitional form:~to omotteimasu
3Verb Masu-form:~sugi masu/ ~yasui / nikui15Short forms:~to omoimasu/ ~to itteimashita
4Verb Te-form:~tekudasai/ ~te, ~16Short forms:~n desu
5Verb Te-form:~temo iidesu ka/ ~tewa ikemasen17Short forms:~to iidesu ne/ ~to iindesu ga
6Verb Te-form:~te kara/ ~temo18Short forms:~kamo shiremasen/ ~noni
7Verb Ta-form:~takotoga arimasu/ ~tari ~tari shimasu19Potential Verbs
8Verb Ta-form:~tahooga iidesu/ ~tara doodesuka20Passive Verbs
9Verb Dictionary form:~mae ni/ ~tsumori desu21Causative Verbs:~te kudasai
10Verb Dictionary form:~no ga sukidesu/ ~koto ga dekimasu22Transitivity Pairs:~teimasu/ ~te okimasu
11Verb Nai-form:~naide kudasai/ ~naihoo ga iidesu23Adjectives:~te,~/ ~ku*ni shimasu / narimasu
12Verb Nai-form:~nakereba ikemasen/ ~nakutemo iidesu24Adjectives:~soo desu/ ~sugi masu


What is an online group course?

An online group course meets regularly with a teacher and other students. If you choose to join this course – you will be joining with other students and participating in an online class taught by a professional Japanese instructor.

Who teaches the class?

Coto online group classes are taught by professional native Coto Japanese Instructors.

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