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Coto · July 12, 2021

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9:10 – 11:00 AM Tuesdays and Fridays ⇒ Tuesday & Thursday from Jan. 5th

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Course Details

What is a “Lite Intensive Course”?

A Lite Intensive course is  

  • 2 Days Per Week (A total of 4x 50 minute sessions)
  • A linear course format (Our current part-time lessons are focused on improving specific skills with a heavy focus on conversation – this is more of a traditional “course” that covers many aspects of the Japanese language)

Part-time classes may fit your schedule – but they may not match your learning needs comprehensively.

This is where our “Lite Intensive” courses come in.

Our “Lite Intensive” courses strike a balance between learning progress and study commitment.  You can learn and progress in your ability – without having to worry about an overwhelming pace.

This is particularly useful for those who are working or have other commitments in addition to learning.

Great for students who are familiar with the Genki Textbook series – these comprehensive courses are designed to teach you many aspects of the Japanese language and to allow you to practice it inside of your classes.

What’s covered in the course?

Class structure100mins × 16sessions (1.5 month)
2x 100 minute sessions per week.
TextbookIntermediate 1 : Weekly J Unit 1~18
11自己紹介 (初めて会った人と)/Meeting someone for the first time.
 V(volitional form)と思っています
 Short form ので
 だ な V(dictionary form)ことにしました
 V(dictionary form)ことができます
 Passive form
 Nounの ようだ
 Nounの ような Noun
 (いAdjective) / (なAdjective)そうですね
 V(Te form)みませんか / V(Te form)みましょう
 V(short form negative)な ければならない
49予約をする/Making reservations
 Noun modification
 V(potential form) / V(dictionary form)ようになりました
 V(potential form negative ) / V(short form negative)なくなりました
 V(Te form)いました(Habits)
511身近な人を紹介する/Introducing someone
 V(dictionary form)のが好きです
 (いAdjective)くて、 (Adjective / Noun)です
 (なAdjective)で 、(Adjective / Noun)です
 (Noun)で、(Adjective / Noun)です
 V・A(short form present tense )ところが似ています
6Day1~Day5 Grammar review and test
712意見を言う/Sharing an opinion
 (short form)し、(short form)し、(short form)と思います
 (short form)んじゃないかと思います / ~んじゃないでしょうか
 (short form)ので / ~のに
813国のルールについて話す/Talking about rules in your country
 V(short form past)たまま
 V(Te form)はいけません
 Nounなら、V(Te form)もいいです
 V(Te form)V
 もしV(shor form past)ら、V(short form negative)なければいけません
914失敗談を話す/Talking about failures
 V(Te form)しまいました
 V(dictionary form / short form negativeない)ようにします
1017写真を説明する/Describing picture
 V(dictionary form / short form past)とき
 Nounの とき
 V(Te form)いる人
 (いAdjective)/ (なAdjective)そうな人
 V(Te form)しまいました
 V(dictionary form)のを忘れた
 V(Te form)、すみません
 V(conditional form)よかったです
12Day7~Day11 Grammar review and test


What is an online group course?

An online group course meets regularly with a teacher and other students. If you choose to join this course – you will be joining with other students and participating in an online class taught by a professional Japanese instructor.

Who teaches the class?

Coto online group classes are taught by professional native Coto Japanese Instructors.

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