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Coto · July 7, 2021

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Course Details

This cour This upper beginner course is designed to equip you with useful tools that you can use in increasingly complex situations. Good for upper beginners that are around a JLPT N4 Level.

Part-time Course
Course TitleEssential Grammar and Conversation A&B
LevelUpper Beginner (N4)
Course descriptionYou’ll be able to convey your wishes, ask for permission while giving a reason, study assumptive expressions and express your feelings or things that happened more accurately.
Class structureThis class focuses on a few target expressions each time. We have selected N4 level expressions that are the basis of Japanese grammar.
At the beginning of the class, your instructor will explain the meaning and usage of the expression with some examples. There are example sentences and sample conversations, so you can feel how they are used in an everyday conversation.
Also, you will read aloud the sentences to check the pronunciation and will make your own sentences and practice conversation with your classmates.
This course can be a great basement for your further Japanese studying.
The whole course consists of two parts – Essentila Grammar and Conversation A and B. It is recommended that those who have completed Course A proceed to Course B, because Course B has classes that require the knowledge covered in Course A.
TextbookEssential Grammar and Conversation A (Coto original material)
Essential Grammar and Conversation B (Coto original material)

Material Sample

What’s covered in the course?

Each course session will cover and teach a different topic .
This class teaches you the following basic vocabulary and grammar for use in everyday conversation in Japan.
From taking a taxi to visiting a store, this course covers basic sentences that will allow you to have everyday conversations in Japanese.

1〜と思います13〜し、〜し / 〜く・にします
2〜と言っていました14〜も・〜しか / 〜前に・〜てから
3Casual speech15Giving & Receiving
4〜んです16Verb 意向形(Volitional form) / 意向形+と思う(思っています)
5〜ので / 〜から17〜たら(if) / 〜たら(when/after)
7〜なければいけません19〜みたいです(metaphor) / 〜みたいです(It seems that〜.)
8〜そうです(様態) / 〜てみます20〜やすい・にくいです / Nがします
9〜ておきます21〜なら / 〜く・になります
10〜たらどうですか22〜というN / 〜なくてもいいです
11可能動詞 / 〜ことができます23〜とき
12見えます・聞こえます / 〜すぎます24名詞修飾
2ばform (Subjunctive form) / 〜ば・なければよかったです14受身(うけみ)動詞(どうし)文(ぶん) (2)
3自動詞(intransitiveverb)と他動詞(transitive verb)
Intransitive verbs (自動詞)+て います
4Transitive verbs (他動詞) て+あります16使役(しえき)動詞(どうし) てform+あげます・もらいます・くれます
5Vます+そうです / Vます+ながら17敬語ー尊敬語
7〜てあげる・もらう・くれる / 〜てくれてありがとう19〜といいですね・といんですが
8〜ていただけませんか / 〜方(かた)20〜らしいです
9yes/no question+~かどうか / Question word)+~か21〜ようになります
12~てしまいました(完了)24ほしがります・〜たがります / 〜ないで


What is an online group course?

An online group course meets regularly with a teacher and other students. If you choose to join this course – you will be joining with other students and participating in an online class taught by a professional Japanese instructor.

Who teaches the class?

Coto online group classes are taught by professional native Coto Japanese Instructors.

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