JLPT Average Scores vs Coto Japanese Academy Student Scores – Infographic

Are you interested to learn how Coto Students performed on the JLPT? This article will show a summary of the data from the 2018 December JLPT

Posted by on September 2, 2019 – Japanese Study


In this blog article we will share data from the 2018 December JLPT.  We took a sample of students studying at Coto that have taken the JLPT and what their results were.

You can see that the Average Scores for Coto are higher than the total test average.  This could be influenced by the fact that of the students that took the exam – they were more confident in passing because they were taking lessons and also because of our smaller sample size.

Results from the JLPT n5


Results from the JLPT n4

Results from the JLPT N3

Results from the JLPT N2

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