Achieve fluency faster with personalized plans and experienced native teachers in our small classes. Learn at your own pace!


Achieve fluency faster with personalized plans and experienced native teachers in our small classes. Learn at your own pace!


Trusted us to help them improve their Japanese skills and make their stay in Japan smoother.

4.9 / 5 RATED

High satisfaction from our students with the courses and teachers. We ensure high-quality lessons for you!


Students at Coto come from diverse backgrounds, creating unique networking opportunities. 

Coto Academy is a Japanese language school located in Tokyo and Yokohama. With its small class sizes and flexible course schedule, we ensure the students find their community here in Japan and learn practical and useful daily-life Japanese by focusing on conversational practice.


The start of your Japanese learning journey at Coto.

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We aim to enrich your learning experience through our small class size, which creates a supportive and interactive community where you can practice speaking, receive personalized guidance, and connect with your classmates on a deeper level.

Speaking Skill

We focus on practical Japanese speaking skills. Our curriculum extends beyond memorization of vocabulary and grammar rules, with the goal of empowering you to use Japanese confidently and comfortably in real-world scenarios.

Learn At
Your Pace

We understand the challenges of managing a busy schedule and offer various flexible scheduling options. We provide weekend and evening classes to ensure that you can pursue your education without compromising your other commitments.

Achieve Your
Learning Goal

We offer a variety of courses tailored to your Japanese learning goals, whether you want to master basic Japanese conversation or delve into business reading and writing. Our various offerings allow you to focus what works best for you.

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Course Offerings

Intensive Japanese Courses

For those who are commited to improve their Japanese reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills in a short period . For all levels, beginner to advanced.


Part-time Courses

For those who want to join a Japanese class from time to time. No need for make-up classes. For all levels, beginner to advanced.


JLPT Prep Courses

We offer full-year or short-term (3-months) JLPT courses, N1-N4 levels, to help you ace your JLPT exam! 

School Location

Our Coto Japanese Academy Yokohama school is located just 5 minutes away from Yokohama station.



5F Tanigawa Building ANNEX
and 8F Tanigawa Building
2-24-1 Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa, Yokohama



 [email protected]


Tel & Fax



I’ve been to several Japanese language schools in and around Tokyo, and Coto is the best for my focus: speaking and reading. I’m very satisfied and would recommend the school to anyone.

- Benjamin Knopp -

The staff and teachers are super nice, friendly, and helpful. I really enjoyed attending classes. The textbooks given to us are easy to understand and help you progress your Japanese skills.  

- Caitlin Dixon -

As an absolute beginner to the Japanese language, I have enjoyed my experience with Coto thus far. I have taken foreign language courses in the past, and this is the first time I have actually enjoyed them. 

- Trevor Kiley -


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