Improve your Japanese speaking and conversation ability – As well as Grammar, Kanji, and anything else. Choose classes by topic.
Andre Kanbara Andreas Lorenz arush vishwakarma Benjamin Knopp Caitlin Dixon
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Andre Kanbara
Yokohama School
Andreas Lorenz
Yokohama School
I started some weeks ago with part-time course. The teachers and staff of Coto Japanese Academy in Yokohama are very friendly and very helpful in case of questions. They are very patient in case of beginners with different language skill ability. They also try to bring in real life situations to the course. I can 続きを読む
arush vishwakarma
Yokohama School
One of the finest Japanese Language School. Foreigner friendly, Experienced faculties. Recommended.
Benjamin Knopp
Yokohama School
I’ve been to several Japanese language schools in and around Tokyo and Coto is definitely the best for my focus; speaking and reading. I’m very satisfied and would recommend the school to anyone. Good! – friendly teachers in varied age groups – extremely flexible to take classes online or in person and switch on the 続きを読む
Caitlin Dixon
Yokohama School
The staff and teachers are super nice, friendly, and helpful. I really enjoyed attending classes at the Yokohama location. The textbooks given are easy to understand and help you progress. Teachers remember little details and help you learn vocabulary applicable to your life. The Yokohama lobby has awesome snacks and drinks as a bonus! I 続きを読む
Dalu Thapa
Yokohama School
Jaris Fenner
Yokohama School
I am just about to complete my first class with Coto next week and even though I was not really sure if I made the right decision visiting this school due to my lack of research / price comparison of other available options, I am now convinced that it was a great choice. The rooms 続きを読む
Jhoanna Fukuya
Yokohama School
I am always happy learning Japanese at Coto Japanese Academy. I learned a lot! Naito sensei has good techniques to teach me Japanese. She’s a very happy person. No dull moment in our private class.
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