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Modeling Career in a Japanese Agency

Since 2005, Yulia had been travelling back and forth between Russia and Japan for short-term modeling contracts. Back then, she did not imagine she would one day learn Japanese! In 2012, she moved to Japan, as a fashion model for Bravo models Agency. Working with a lot of clients, including Amazon, Yulia loves her agency environment. Being a […]
Coto Academy

Restarting his career as a UI/UX designer in Japan

David Ishikawa restarted his career as a UI/UX designer in Japan exactly where he wanted after completing a six-month Japanese language course. David first came to Japan in 2004. He stayed in Tokyo and Osaka for business and sightseeing and immediately fell under the country’s spell. I’m not alone in this thought, but I’m interested in […]
Coto Academy

Interview with Marina, Fashion designer in Japan

Half Spanish and Russian, Marina grew up in a creative and multicultural environment between Switzerland, Spain and Russia. She studied in an Haute Couture School in Paris, focused on Fashion Design. With foreign cultures as a strong inspiration, she particularly admired Japan and she decided to focus her new collection on Japanese culture. What inspires […]
Coto Academy

Employed as IT engineer in Japan after 6 months

This time we interviewed Fabrice who came to Japan from France with a working holiday visa and got a job at a major IT company in Japan after taking a 6-month course.
Coto Academy

Participating in the 6-month intensive course, while working at a law firm – Collin

Colin is from the United States, and this is his fourth year in Japan. He decided to take the 6 months intensive course in order to obtain the position he seeks.
Coto Academy

Building a new career in Japan as a graphic designer

After leaving a position at a San Francisco-based design company that he built up impressively, Josf decided to challenge himself in Japan, a completely new environment. I talked to Josf about the miraculous start he's made building his career as a graphic designer.
Coto Academy

Get a job in Japan – After finishing graduate school #6 Liu from China

Ms. Liu graduated from graduate school in September 2014, and she has found a job at a major Japanese company. This time we ask what are the secrets to her success in improving her conversation skills and finding a job in Japan.
Coto Academy

Study Japanese in Japan #5 Ajay

In our fifth interview, we asked Mr.Ajay, who came to Japan in January 2014 and took the Coto intensive course for four months, about his improvements in Japanese and how his everyday life has changed.
Coto Academy

Study Japanese in Tokyo: Coto student profile #2 Nadine

This time we talked to Nadine from Belgium who has worked in Japan for five years, and who is now married and has a seven month old baby with a Japanese man. We asked how she managed her time studying Japanese and how improving her Japanese completely revolutionized her life in Japan.
Coto Academy

Study Japanese in Japan #4 Erika

Erika came to Japan from Peru in 2003 and has since been studying Japanese while working and trying to advance her career. We asked her how her Japanese has developed since she started lessons with Coto (formerly ILS).
Coto Academy

Study Japanese in Tokyo – Coto Student profile #3 Sven

As part of our new series of interviews with students, we talk with Sven from Germany about the difference of studying Japanese in Germany and in Japan.
Coto Academy

Study Japanese in Tokyo – Coto student profile #1 Andrew F

In our first interview series we talk to Andrew Freeling from America about what it's like to study Japanese in a classroom compared to studying by himself online.
Coto Academy
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