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Kagurazaka Neighborhood Guide

Kagurazaka Illustrated Neighborhood Guide with Sample Tour Plan   Click here for a Sample 1 Day Walking Tour Restaurants Iidabashi Sakura Terrace CANAL Cafe Peko-chan yaki Fujiya Kinozen Kagurazaka Gojuban Shopping Shopping mall RAMLA NOREN souvenir shop Sōmaya stationery store A shop called cat post office Attractions Atami-yu Public bath Zenkokuji Temple Akagi Jinja – […]
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Most Popular Japanese Surnames – Meanings, History, Illustrated Guide

Did you know that not until the Meiji era (1868 – 1912), ordinary Japanese men and women did not have any surnames? Today, Japan has a shockingly high number of 100,000 surnames in total! During the Meiji era, the government required all citizens by law to register under a surname. While many decided to choose […]
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Getting a Japanese Drivers License from Scratch – Illustrated Guide

Japanese Driver’s License? Most drivers in Japan drive in an orderly manner because of the strict process to obtain the driver’s license. To drive in Japan, you need to get a Japanese driver’s license in Japan. An international driver’s license issued by a signatory to the Geneva Convention or a driver’s license issued by a […]
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Free Public Libraries in Tokyo – Free Japanese Learning Textbooks – Guide and FAQ

Looking for a quiet place in Tokyo to study Japanese without having to pay any money?  Want to be able to loan free study materials – such as Japanese learning textbooks, and dictionaries? If you are a short-medium term resident with a resident card in Japan – you can register for a free library card […]
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Pregnancy in Japan: Key Vocabulary and Information about Giving Birth in Tokyo

Expecting a baby in Japan? In this blog article, we will be taking a look at various useful vocabulary words in Japanese related to pregnancy and childbirth! We will also be sharing with you some information about giving birth in Tokyo, such as: what being pregnant in Japan is like, a list of English-friendly hospitals […]
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How to navigate Japanese train platforms – Illustrated Guide

Waiting at a Japanese train platform can be tricky. There are many signs on the floor and it can be overwhelming to try to understand. When traveling in Japan – understanding the difference between where to stand can mean the difference between missing your train or not.  So, In this blog – we will show […]
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Shopping in Japan: How to say “Can I return or exchange this” in Japanese

What to do when you bought the wrong item in Japan: can you return it? Have you ever bought a shirt, only to discover it’s not quite the right fit when you get it home? Every country, including Japan, has different standards when it comes to returning or exchanging clothing.In this blog, we will show […]
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Starting a Business in Japan – Tokyo Start-up Guide (Important Links)

Are you interested in starting a business in Japan?  Is your dream to move to Tokyo and open a restaurant, shop, or an internet start-up? After several of our students have asked us about finding information about this – we thought it was time to write our own article. We hope that this guide is […]
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Japan Train JR Travel Hack | The Ultimate Ticket – Seishun 18 Kippu

What do you think is the cheapest way to travel in Japan? JR pass? Nope. IC card? Nope. I know you have read tons of “travel tips” articles that introduce you ways to save on transportation cost during your trip to Japan. Honestly speaking, this is a real hidden travel hack that you probably have […]
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Finding English Movies in Japan / how to book a movie ticket online for Movies in Tokyo

If you are living in Tokyo you will probably want to visit a movie theater at some point.  This can be frustrating.  Many of our students have asked us – “How can I tell if this movie is in English or if it is dubbed over in Japanese?” or “Can I buy tickets online in […]
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Ways to Beat the summer heat in Japan – Tokyo Public Waterpark and Tips

Summer is officially here in Japan and we have officially entered the hottest period in the year – which happens just after the rainy “梅雨” season.  While enjoying the summer life in Japan, make sure to stay cool and hydrated.  One of the great ways to do this is to visit a waterpark.  In this […]
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How to Speak Japanese when you don't live in Japan

Although there are over 100,000,000 native Japanese speakers – 98% of them live inside Japan. This means that if you want to learn to speak Japanese – moving to Japan and spending time there is the best way that you can learn to speak the language. However, you may be thinking to yourself – there […]
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