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UPDATE: Japan Travel Ban: When Can I Re-enter Japan?

Update as of July 30, 2020 From MOFA We will be updating this as more information is released – 8/19/2020 According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, as of July 30, 2020, foreign nationals who posses the status of residence may re-enter Japan – with a catch. This official statement says that currently, […]
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Learning Japanese in Tokyo without a Visa – FAQ

Many of our prospective students are confused about whether or not it requires a student visa to study Japanese language in Japan. This blog will answer several questions related to whether or not you need a Visa to study Japanese in Tokyo. Q: I want to take a two month intensive Japanese course in Tokyo […]
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How to Say "I think" in Japanese – Giving Your Opinion

How do you share your opinion in Japanese? What are the do’s and don’ts? In this blog we will teach you a simple way to share your opinion in Japanese. But before we teach you what you can say – we want to share some advice for how to use this vocabulary. Don’ts: In a […]
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Japanese Insults: Insults and Being Rude in Japanese

Japan has a reputation for being an extremely polite and formal country. On the surface the culture seems very hospitable – but what about when it isn’t? Like any other language, there are Japanese insults and ways to be rude in Japanese. This article is primarily concerned with helping Japanese learners avoid being rude or […]
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Important Coronavirus Vocabulary in Japanese

Many of you guys have requested a “cheat sheet” in Japanese for how to talk about COVID-19 in Japan. This includes key vocabulary you need to know to understand news updates. Below we will include a list of important Japanese Vocabulary related to COVID-19 as well as some example sentences that you might find common […]
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Life in Japan: How to Order Coffee in Japanese

For most people in Japan, coffee is an essential part of daily life. Japan takes their coffee game rather seriously, however ordering coffee in a foreign language can be intimidating – but don’t worry, we have you covered. In this article we go over how to order coffee in Japanese. List of contents: English vs […]
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BEST Tattoo Friendly Onsen and Sento in Tokyo and Yokohama (Related Vocabulary)

In this article, we will share with you several options for tattoo friendly onsen close to and within Tokyo. Much more than simple traditional local sento baths! This article includes our recommendations for the best onsen and sento in Tokyo and Yokohama available to tattooed guests. We will also teach you what you can search […]
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History of Tea Ceremony – 5Ws 1H answered!

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony (茶道, sadō or chadō, lit. “the way of tea” or 茶の湯, chanoyu. “hot-water tea”) has its history rooted in the principles of Zen Buddhism. It is an aesthetic way of welcoming guests. During this welcoming ritual – everything must be done according to an established order. It has lost its place […]
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UR HOUSING in Tokyo: Finding an Affordable / Convenient Apartment in Tokyo or Yokohama

Are you looking for an Apartment in Tokyo?  Do you already live in Japan? If you are a foreign resident in Tokyo you may have already experienced the headache of trying to find an apartment that matches your needs. In this blog, we have a suggestion for you as a foreign resident. The Best Kept […]
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How to ask for a picture with a Maiko or a Geisha – Japan Travel Tip

Kyoto is world famous for its Gion District and the Geisha that work there.  If you would like to take pictures of Geisha or Maiko – there is a polite way to ask for a photo with them. These days there has been somewhat of a backlash against tourists taking photos of Maiko or Geisha […]
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Getting off the train in Japan – How to be polite in Japan – Must-use Phrase

  How to leave a crowded train in Japan – Getting off the train in Japan If you live in Japan, you are probably used to rush-hour trains. In the above VIDEO we break down politely getting on and off the train in Japan. What to do when leaving the train in Japan   When […]
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How to Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa in Japan

Looking to apply for permanent residency in Japan but clueless about how to do so? We’ll explain all you need to know about the Highly Skilled Foreign Professional point system.  By the end of this blog, you’ll know how everything works and share with you how you can calculate your points based on the Highly […]
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