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Best Short-term Japanese Language Course Options for Students in Tokyo

Are you looking for a Short-term Japanese Course in Tokyo? At Coto we offer flexible scheduling. In this blog we will share with you more information about our Intensive, and Part-time Japanese courses. If you want to take Japanese language lessons on your schedule – we have a solution that fits. Short-term Intensive Japanese Language […]
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Kanji Practice Worksheet Free Download: JLPT N3 -Unit 2: Transportation – PDF

We’ve already learned some kanji related to 乗り物 (norimono: vehicles) in N5 and N4 levels, such as: 車 (kuruma: car), 電車 (densha: train) and 駅 (eki: station.) In this unit we will show you Japanese Kanji you will see on the train, on traffic signs, and on tickets. Looking to pass the JLPT N3? Enrollment for our […]
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