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11 Common Japanese Phrases Using the Word "気" – Ki

What is “気” – Ki “気(ki)” literally means “gas” of “air”. In Japanese culture, it is believed that “気” is a form of energy that flows in every living beings’ body. It is the source of life and is 1 of the 3 elements which make up our body (the concept of 気血水).This concept is […]
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Japanese Slang Used by Young People – 若者言葉 Wakamono Kotoba

What is Wakamono Kotoba? (Japanese Slang used by Young People) Is there such a thing as Japanese slang? In Japanese, the phrase for words and expressions that young people use is known as 若者言葉(Wakamono kotoba). It literally means “words of the young people”. The concept is like a form of Japanese slang but differs in […]
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