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How to register for Sporting Events in Japan (Using SportsEntry)

Sports Enthusiasts in Japan rejoice! Today we will be introducing to you a platform where you can look up sports events all in a single platform! Regardless of marathons, swimming, golf, you name it, they have it!
Coto Academy

Taking a Look at some Japanese ~tto Words: Motto, Chotto, Kitto, Zutto, Yatto

What do Motto, Chotto, Kitto, Zutto, and Yatto all mean in English? When we’re first introduced to the Japanese Language, I’m sure most of us had come across some ~tto words that left us perplexed. From words such as like Motto, Chotto, Kitto to even Yatto, they all sound almost the same. Yet, they hold vastly […]
Coto Academy

Events in March 2019

This is an older post – to see our upcoming monthly events – click here Monthly Events Every month we hold cultural and social events for our students and their friends to discover more about Japanese culture, meet new friends and practice Japanese. We are looking forward to seeing you there! Lunch Tour – Thursday, […]
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