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Coto’s events in December 2015

This is an older post – to see our upcoming monthly events – click here Monthly Events at Coto Go for Lunch! Kagurazaka area ランチツアー! 神楽坂 Thursday, December 3rd  12:30-13:50 in Kagurazaka Let’s go for lunch together and explore Iidabashi-Kagurazaka district! We will advise you some of the top restaurants of the area. Discover the delicious […]
Coto Academy

Discover The Wonders of The Japanese Kotatsu

What so special about the kotatsu table? Foreigners traveling around Japan during the winter are often very surprised by how cold Japanese homes can be. They wonder why such an advanced country is incapable of heating houses. Indeed, whether traditional or western, most Japanese homes don’t provide any type of isolation from the cold. One might […]
Coto Academy
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