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Top 20 Best Apps for Learning Japanese – 2021

Ever imagined yourself being fluent in the Japanese Language? Procrastinating and giving yourself excuses to deter yourself from picking up the language? Then this is the time to start. No more excuses as learning Japanese has never been any more convenient than this. Accessible anywhere and any time as long as you have a smartphone.  […]
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JLPT N4 Grammar: 〜しよう (Volitional form – How to say "Let's do…" in Japanese)

We have another JLPT grammar blog for you!  This one is a companion to the Youtube video above, in which Yuka-sensei teaches us the JLPT N4 Grammar: しよう (shiyou) – volitional form “let’s do!”.This is a Japanese grammar word that is used in daily life as well as on the JLPT – so it is […]
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Kanji Practice Worksheet Free Download: JLPT N2 -Unit 5: In Station – 駅で – PDF

While travelling in Japan, have you ever got lost in the complicated train network? Japan has the most complicated railway systems in the world. Don’t worry, let’s learn some common kanji you will see in the station with our free download Kanji Practice Worksheet Unit 5: In Station – 駅で. Click here to download: FREE Kanji […]
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JLPT N2 Grammar – あげく (How to say "In the end"/"After all~" in Japanese)

Do you know how to say “after all” or “in the end” in Japanese?  In this blog post, we will look at a more advanced Japanese grammar point – JLPT N2 grammar: あげく (ageku), meaning “in the end”. First watch Nami-sensei explain it in the video above, then review with this companion article. And be […]
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JLPT N3 Grammar – わりに (How to say "Considering…" in Japanese)

We have another Youtube companion blog for you!  This article goes over Yuka-sensei’s video about the JLPT N3 grammar point: 割わりに (wari ni) – meaning “considering…; comparing…” in Japanese. First watch Yuka-sensei’s video above – and make sure to subscribe to our channel!  Then review the video’s content with this article. How to Use JLPT […]
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Kanji Practice Worksheet Free Download: JLPT N2 -Unit 4: Recruitment & Jobs– 採用 – PDF

If you are planning to work in Japan, or finding a part-time job during your time studying in Japan. The business level Japanese skills are required in most cases. Before you start job hunting in Japan, let’s learn some kanji often show in the hiring post. Our Business Japanese course designed to help you reach […]
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5 Tips for Great Japanese Classes

It’s easy to lose motivation when commitment is one sided. In this blog, we’ll look at a few ways to keep yourself engaged when you’re taking Japanese classes. Tip 1: Don’t Overpromise and Under-deliver How many times have you found yourself excited to learn Japanese, but then frustrated with the slow progress?  Setting a clear […]
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JLPT N3 Grammar – ついでに (How to say "While you are there…" in Japanese) is a very nuanced language.  By now, you have probably realized this – especially if you are studying at a JLPT N3 level.  Although you may be familiar with the Japanese word ながら (nagara), meaning “while”, there is a similar nuanced expression you may not be familar with. JLPT N3 Grammar: ついでに (tsuide ni) […]
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How to find Kanji Stroke order using Kanjibro

Are you struggling with stroke order? You’re not alone.Some kanji have more than a few strokes to remember.That is why we are so happy to share about this!Kanjibro is a new tool for finding the stroke order of most common Kanji (Kanji that appear in open source Japanese dictionaries.)Using Kanjibro to find stroke order is […]
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Kanji Practice Worksheet Free Download: JLPT N2 -Unit 3: Food Labels – PDF

For foreigners living in Japan, reading food labels may be particularly challenging. In this unit, we sort out some common kanji to help you understand the information written on Japanese food labels and packaging. To learn more N2 kanji related to themes such as “Food”, “Advertising” and “ Signboards” (total 14 units), You can download […]
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Japanese Particles Cheat Sheet & Guide -N5-N4 – Free Download!

Confused about Japanese Particles?  Want to know the difference between wa and ga? Check out this easy to use reference guide. Japanese particles are an indispensable key in understanding Japanese sentences. Learn changing how a particle is used can change the entire meaning of a sentence.In this blog, we sort out 13 common Japanese particles […]
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Kanji Practice Worksheet Free Download: JLPT N2 -Unit 2: Body parts – 体の部位 – PDF

In this new Kanji unit, we are going to learn how to write some body parts. For example, 腕(arm), 腰(waist) and 肩(shoulder). To learn more N2 kanji related to themes such as “Food”, “Advertising” and “ Signboards” (total 14 units), You can download the full workbook here ! Are you looking to pass the JLPT N2? […]
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