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Watashi, Boku or Ore: How to say me in Japanese

There's only "me", "myself" and "I" in English, but when it comes to Japanese first-person pronouns, the options are seemingly endless.
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Japanese Particles Cheat Sheet & Guide -N5-N4 – Free Download!

Confused about Japanese Particles?  Want to know the difference between wa and ga? Check out this easy to use reference guide. Japanese particles are an indispensable key in understanding Japanese sentences. Learn changing how a particle is used can change the entire meaning of a sentence.In this blog, we sort out 13 common Japanese particles […]
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What Does "Oishii" Mean in Japanese? 美味しい, おいしい in Japanese

Have you ever heard the word “oishii!” in Japanese?  It’s a common adjective found in Japanese media, like anime, comics, TV, as well as in everyday life in Japan.“Oishii” is an easy-to-use Japanese word. In other words, once you understand the meaning and how it’s used – you will be able to immediately add it […]
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Omoshiroi – 面白い – How to say "fun", "funny" or interesting in Japanese

Omoshiroi is a Japanese word that means many things. Omoshiroi can be used to say that something is “Interesting, Amusing, Fascinating, Funny, Enjoyable, Entertaining, Fun” and more!The Kanji for Omoshiroi is 面白い and Omoshiroi written in Hiragana is おもしろい.Omoshiroi is an I adjective and it’s a JLPT N5 Level Vocabulary word – so chances are, […]
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O Genki Desu Ka – What does it mean in Japanese?

O genki desu ka is a phrase in Japanese that means “How are you?” If you have been learning Japanese for any amount of time – you have likely heard this phrase. In many Japanese learning textbooks – お元気ですか is one of the first phrases that you will learn. This is true for our Japanese […]
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How to Type in Japanese on PC – Typing in Japanese Using Microsoft IME on Windows 10

How to Use Microsoft IME on Windows 10 to Type in Japanese For Mac, iPhone, iOS click here.Looking to type in Japanese?In our modern age, typing has become an essential and integrated part of daily life. From emails to Facebook comments to Google searches, we type almost without thinking on a regular basis.But what if […]
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How to Use Ganbare, Ganbatte, Ganbarimasu in Japanese: Give It Your Best!

Ganbare (頑張れ) or ganbatte (頑張って)is a Japanese phrase that means “Come on!” “Let’s go!” or “Go for it!” in English. It has the meaning of “Do your best” and it is can be used to cheer for your favorite team during a sporting event. If you want to know more about how to use ganbatte […]
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10 Japanese Words with Multiple Meanings!

Did you know that in the Japanese language, there are many words with multiple meanings? These words can come across very differently depending on the situation you use them in! In this blog article, we will be sharing with you 10 Japanese words that have multiple meanings, some of which you might even find very […]
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Top 50 Japanese YouTube Channels in 2022 to Learn Japanese

Let’s face it: Japanese YouTube channels redefine what it means to go above and beyond for online entertainment. Content creators in Japan wear a lot of faces — both literally and figuratively. They’re propelled by outlandish challenges, mukbangs and squeamish close-ups of fish cutting. We’re talking about consuming ten packs of fire noodles in one […]
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20 Phrases From Japanese Anime You Can Actually Use!

Want to know a list of popular anime phrases that you can use in real life? Yes, you can learn Japanese from anime — but only if you do it right. The thing is, a lot of students mindlessly copy phrases they found on their favorite anime TV shows and films, but if you sound […]
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Learn Japanese Hiragana and Katakana – Chart, Quiz – Coto Academy

Click Here to join our 30 day challenge to learn Hiragana Learn Japanese Hiragana and Katakana In this blog, we share our own PDF learning Hiragana practice sheets, as well as links to some popular apps for learning Japanese. For those interested in learning the basics of Japanese – please check out our Japanese Crash […]
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How to conjugate te form. Visual Guide to Japanese Verbs 2021

Click Here to join our 30 day challenge to learn Hiragana Knowing how to conjugate te versions of dictionary verbs is very important.  They are widely used in spoken Japanese and you must understand them in order to become fluent.   We understand that you might have trouble understanding how to conjugate the Te form. […]
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