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JLPT N4 Grammar: 〜ましょうか (How to say "Shall I…" in Japanese) you know how to offer help in Japanese?  Given that Japanese is such a polite language, it is important to know how to offer someone help in Japanese.  That’s why this article examines the JLPT N4 Grammar point: ましょうか (mashou ka).This article is a companion blog for the video above available on Youtube.  Watch the […]
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Japanese Childcare Vocabulary (Registering for a nursery) – Basic info and Vocab

If you are living in Japan with kids – you might want to put your child into a nursery or a daycare. This blog will hopefully give you a brief overview of the different types of nurseries available and some vocabulary to look out for. Types of Nurseries in Japan 認可(にんか,Ninka) Authorized Daycare Facility Authorized […]
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What Does "Oishii" Mean in Japanese? 美味しい, おいしい in Japanese

Have you ever heard the word “oishii!” in Japanese?  It’s a common adjective found in Japanese media, like anime, comics, TV, as well as in everyday life in Japan.“Oishii” is an easy-to-use Japanese word. In other words, once you understand the meaning and how it’s used – you will be able to immediately add it […]
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List of Japanese Language Certificates Accepted by Immigration

The rules for Japanese student visas are changing.   Before we continue we would like to share the following   Disclaimer:   We do NOT provide student visa support at our school. But we would like to cover this issue as it affects many of the spouses and partners of our students.   If you […]
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Intermediate Lite Intensive Courses are here!

Our Lite Intensive Course is now available for the Intermediate Level For our full-time working students, it can be hard to take Japanese lessons during the week.  Either you take a private lesson, or a part-time group lesson, but often these methods lack consistent progress. That is why we are thrilled to announce that we […]
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Orchards and Fruit Picking in Tokyo – How to Make a Reservation and Key Vocabulary

Are you planning a family outing in Tokyo? Or maybe even a romantic date! In any case, fruit picking in Tokyo is a fantastic excursion idea! Japan has orchards and fruit picking locations all over – and the greater Tokyo area is no exception!In this article we will be looking at orchards and fruit picking […]
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Plastic Bags in Japan – マイバッグ | Eco-friendly Grocery Shopping in Japan

In the above video, Akiko-sensei explains to us the recent change in Japan’s policy regarding plastic bags. She also explains how to interact with store clerks in Japanese about the bags! This article will cover the topics in the above video: plastic bags, マイバッグ, and eco-friendly shopping in Japan. First, watch the video above! Akiko-sensei […]
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Baby names that work in Both Japanese and English

Are you having a baby in Japan? Choosing a name can be hard. You don’t want to have to have a Japanese only name – but most English names don’t work in Japanese. In this blog we list some names and their pronunciations that can work in both Japanese and English. If you are looking […]
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How to Use a Japanese ATM – Kanji and Vocab for Using an ATM in Japanese – FULL GUIDE

Japanese ATMs can be difficult and confusing to operate in Japanese! Although some ATMs have English options available, many do not. So if you have already opened a Japanese bank account – the next step is learning how to navigate an ATM in Japanese. It might take some getting used to at first, but if […]
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Sushi in Japan – Sushi Names and Ordering Sushi in Japanese!

Sushi is a landmark food in Japan and Japanese culture. For centuries, the people of Japan have eaten raw fish in various forms. Today, sushi is a popular Japanese dish around the world! In this article, we will look at some different types of sushi – and how to say them in Japanese! 5 Types […]
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UPDATE: Japan Travel Ban: When Can I Re-enter Japan?

Update as of July 30, 2020 From MOFA We will be updating this as more information is released – 8/19/2020 According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, as of July 30, 2020, foreign nationals who posses the status of residence may re-enter Japan – with a catch. This official statement says that currently, […]
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Learning Japanese in Tokyo without a Visa – FAQ

Many of our prospective students are confused about whether or not it requires a student visa to study Japanese language in Japan. This blog will answer several questions related to whether or not you need a Visa to study Japanese in Tokyo. Q: I want to take a two month intensive Japanese course in Tokyo […]
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