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5 Ways to Get to Know Mountain Day (山の日) 2022 in Tokyo

Created as a day to honor and give thanks to the blessings of the mountains, Mountain Day (Yama no Hi) was officially announced in 2014. Here's what the holiday is about, and how you can celebrate it in Tokyo.
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Marine Day (海の日): How and Why Japan Pay Homage to the Oceans

Japan is the only nation to have a public holiday dedicated to the oceans. So, why is Marine Day important and how can we all celebrate it together?
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How to Apply for the JLPT Online! 2023 JLPT Test Dates and Registration

The next JLPT will be held on December 2022. Ready to apply? Here's a guide on how to reguster for the JLPT online.
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The Emperor’s Birthday: Celebrating Centuries of History

To honor Emperor Naruhito's birthday on February 23 in the current Reiwa period, we take a look at the origins of this holiday, the monarchy, and how Tokyo is involved.
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National Foundation Day (建国記念の日): A Patriotic Day in Japan

Due to its somewhat controversial origins, National Foundation was abolished following the post-war constitution, but it subsequently bounced back 20 years later. We wonder, does it still hold the same meaning?
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What Does "Oishii" Mean in Japanese? 美味しい, おいしい in Japanese

Have you ever heard the word “oishii!” in Japanese?  It’s a common adjective found in Japanese media, like anime, comics, TV, as well as in everyday life in Japan.“Oishii” is an easy-to-use Japanese word. In other words, once you understand the meaning and how it’s used – you will be able to immediately add it […]
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Plastic Bags in Japan – マイバッグ | Eco-friendly Grocery Shopping in Japan

In the above video, Akiko-sensei explains to us the recent change in Japan’s policy regarding plastic bags. She also explains how to interact with store clerks in Japanese about the bags! This article will cover the topics in the above video: plastic bags, マイバッグ, and eco-friendly shopping in Japan. First, watch the video above! Akiko-sensei […]
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Sushi in Japan – Sushi Names and Ordering Sushi in Japanese!

Sushi is a landmark food in Japan and Japanese culture. For centuries, the people of Japan have eaten raw fish in various forms. Today, sushi is a popular Japanese dish around the world! In this article, we will look at some different types of sushi – and how to say them in Japanese! 5 Types […]
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Getting off the train in Japan – How to be polite in Japan – Must-use Phrase

How to leave a crowded train in Japan – Getting off the train in Japan If you live in Japan, you are probably used to rush-hour trains. In the above VIDEO we break down politely getting on and off the train in Japan. What to do when leaving the train in Japan When getting off […]
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How to play Rock Paper Scissors in Japanese – じゃんけん (Janken) – Handy Illustrated Guide

Japanese Rock Paper Scissors In Japan, “rock paper scissors” is referred to as “じゃんけん”(Janken).Although it is called different names in different places, the rules of the game are the generally same in every country.In Japan – Rock, Paper, Scissors – or Janken is used to settle disagreements, select participants, and determine the order in which […]
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How to Redeliver a parcel in Japan – Japanese Guide

The delivery system in Japan is well-known for its high efficiency and convenience. However, to prevent parcels from getting lost, stolen or damaged, they are usually returned to the post office when the receiver misses it. When this happens, a delivery notice will be posted on the door, the receiver will then use it to […]
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Guide to Your Japanese Food Label Vocabulary

Here are 2 infographics that teach you the meaning of the Japanese food label! If you are a health-conscious person, you should definitely learn this! Shopping at the grocery store in Japan can be daunting if you don’t know what is in your food. The below charts will help to decipher the meanings you will […]
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