Affordable Accommodations in Tokyo: Where and how to find?

At Coto Japanese Academy, we want you to enjoy your experience studying Japanese! We’d happily recommend a few agencies if you’re looking for affordable accommodation in Tokyo during your time with us.

We’ve lined up a few examples of prices and locations below. Please inquire to them directly!

Coto Academy is a Japanese language school located in Tokyo and Yokohama. With its small class sizes and flexible course schedule, we ensure the students find their community here in Japan and learn practical and useful daily-life Japanese by focusing on conversational practice.

Accommodations in Tokyo

Sakura House
Home Stay option

1. Freshroom

Initial Cost:

  • Deposit 30,000 yen (On your check out 10,000 yen depreciation)
  • Initial month rent
  • Initial common service fee of 8,000 yen
  • Rent and common area expenses are prorated in case of check-in after the 2nd
  • Fire insurance participation is optional

① Sharehouse: Tobu-Nerima (about 40 min from Coto Japanese Academy)
A private room with a TV and refrigerator / shared shower and kitchen

tobunerima1, photo, picture, image

② Share House Asakusa (about 25 minutes from Coto Japanese Academy)
A private room with a refrigerator / shared shower and kitchen

asakusa, photo, picture, image

③ Share House: Kanda (about 15 min from Coto Japanese Academy)
A private room with a refrigerator / shared shower and kitchen

kanda, photo, picture, image

The share houses are conveniently located and clean. Around 70% of residents are Japanese. You’ll get 20,000円 back from the key money upon leaving. More locations are available. Please inquire directly for more information.

Do you want to study Japanese in Japan but have trouble finding accommodation? Coto is here to help! We assist our students in housing by working with our trusted partner – Oak House!
By using Oak House, you will get a 10,000 yen coupon!
Come Join Coto Now!! And Use Oak House Today!

Here are some benefits of using Oak House!

  • Furnished Rooms: Most Oak House properties come fully furnished, eliminating the need to buy furniture upon arrival. This can be a significant advantage, especially for short-term stays.
  • Simplified Move-in Process: Oak House handles most administrative tasks, such as key money, agency fees, guarantors, and utilities, which simplifies the move-in process and reduces upfront costs.
  • Multilingual Support: Oak House offers support in English, French, Chinese, and Korean, which can help you navigate the rental process if you don’t speak Japanese.

Here are the links for you! Use Oak House today!


Our students can benefit from a 2,000円 off/month discount, providing at least a one-month stay & proof of enrollment.

KAGURAZAKA YARAICHO (14 min walk from Coto Language Academy)

Kagurazaka Yaraicho, image, photo, picture

Share House: 100,000yen~123,000yen/month
Apartment: 200,000yen~213,000yen/month

3min. walk from Kagurazaka station.

SHINJUKU KAGURAZAKA (11 min walk from Coto Language Academy)

Shinjuku Kagurazaka, image, photo, picture

Share House (Male Only): 80,000yen~95,000yen/month
3min. walk from Kagurazaka station.


Shibuya Sendagaya, image, photo, picture

Share House: 100,000yen~110,000yen/month
Guest House: 60,000yen~70,000yen/month

2 min. walk from Kitasando station (Fukutoshin Line).
8 min walk from Sendagaya station (JR) or Yoyogi Station(JR, Oh-Edo Line)

*Other dormitories, share houses, and apartments are also available at SAKURA HOUSE.

What about experiencing a homestay?

We’d be happy to help you finding a Japanese family to stay with! A homestay experience is the perfect chance for you to practice Japanese and familiarise yourself with the Japanese lifestyle.

  • Homestays are located within 40 min to 1 hour from Coto Japanese Academy.
  • You should plan your homestay with enough time to search for a family. We can’t guarantee you’ll find a family within less than one month’s notice.
  • Administrative fees of 28,000円 + 10%Tax must be paid for the agency to start searching.
  • 1 night & 2 meals (dinner & breakfast): 5,500円 + 10%Tax.

【Sample Plan】4 week Japanese Intensive course + homestay (30 nights)

Registration fee: 10,000円
Tuition fee: 136,000円
Teaching materials: 6,000円
Accommodation: 193,000円 (administrative fee 28,000円 + 30 nights x 5,500円)
Total: 345,000円  (+ 10% Tax)

Would you like to search for a homestay? Please let us know in your inquiry!
Would you like to know more about Life in Japan? Check our FAQ.

Coto Japanese Academy is a unique Japanese Language School in Iidabashi Tokyo, we offer relaxed and fun conversational lessons for all levels of Japanese learner. Coto Japanese Academy prides itself on its community atmosphere and fun lessons that focus on creation of opportunities to speak and learn Japanese. If you are interested in studying Japanese in Tokyo – please visit our contact page here.

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