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    *Preferred time will be taken into consideration but we cannot guarantee your placement at the desired time. If you have a scheduling conflict - please let us know in advance.

    Terms and Conditions

    Revised on November 10th, 2020

    Terms and Conditions for the Intensive Course

    • Fees:

    Registration fee: Those who are studying for the first time at Coto Japanese Academy will be charged a ¥10,000 registration fee. The registration fee covers expenses required for enrollment procedures, level assessment. The registration fee is not refundable in case of early termination.

    Tuition: Payment is required in advance. All lessons are non-transferable and may only be taken by the person whose name is indicated in the contract.

    Others: fees for textbooks and/or other materials may apply.

    2. Payment:

    1) Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer, credit card (VISA or Master) or via online payment. We require all international transfers to be made following OUR instructions. All bank transfer fees must be paid by the student.

    2) Payment should be made in full within 2 weeks of the date of submitting the application form. We will secure your reservation upon confirming your payment in full.

    3. In case the student can no longer continue lessons:

    In case the students cannot continue taking our in-person or remote lessons, they can recalculate and convert the remaining lesson credits into other courses’ lessons or online lesson points.

    4. Cancellation and Refund:

    These policies are subject to the cooling off guidelines as set forth by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan. Should you wish to cancel the whole transaction, you need to notify us in writing within 8 calendar days of the date of the remittance.  Please contact Coto Japanese Academy for more details.

     In case you receive refund due to cancellation, please apply from the specified forms and select the mode from the methods we specify. The refund must be made to the account in the name of the payer. In addition, please note that if you apply for a refund of 100,000 yen or more multiple times, there will be restrictions on your next contract.

    1) We recommend also notifying us by email.

    2) Coto Academy retains the enrollment fee in the case of cancellation after course commencement.

    3) Coto Academy accepts cancellation on a weekly basis only.

    4) Changing the course dates, classes (AM/PM) or level is considered a cancellation.

    Refund prior to the course start

    1) 15 days or more before course commencement: full refund, no charges.

    2) Within 14 days prior to course commencement: tuition will be refunded minus a 15,000 yen cancellation fee.

    Refund after the course start

    Tuition will be refunded minus a cancellation fee based on rules indicated below.

    The deadline for cancellations for the following week is 18:00 on Thursday of the week prior.

    A) Coto Academy will retain the weekly tuition cost for the number of weeks counted as completed.

    B) Coto Academy will refund the weekly tuition cost for the number of weeks left, minus a 20% cancellation charge.

    C) In the case B) exceeds 50,000 yen, the maximum cancellation charge will automatically be set at 50,000 yen.

    All refunds will be made by the end of the month after approval of cancellation, by bank transfer or PayPal, minus the transfer fee.

    5. Changes:

    Subject to change

    Enrollment period, classes (AM/PM), level, switching to other courses

    Change prior to the course start

    1) 15 days or more before course commencement: no charges

    2) Within 14 days prior to course commencement: There is a 5,000yen charge.

    Change after the course start

    There is a 5,000yen charge.

    The deadline for changes for the following week is 18:00 on Thursday of the week prior.

    6. Catch-up lessons:

    1) Catch-up lessons can be arranged for full day in-class lessons missed between Mondays - Thursdays only, on a day basis. We must receive your absence notice before 18:00 on the previous day.

    2) We offer a maximum of 1 catch-up lesson per week.

    3) A catch-up lesson can be a 50 minute private lesson provided by the Coto Online Courses.

    4) Catch-up lessons must be booked within the course's month.

    7. Course availability:

    1) Our Intensive Courses will be open if a minimum of 2 students are enrolled. Classes have a maximum of 8 students.

    2) If by the time the course starts (or any time thereafter) you are the last remaining student due to other students withdrawing from the course -  We will reduce the hours of the course (starting from the following Monday) from 3 hours to 2 hours.

    *For multi-month applications, there is a possibility that there will be only one student in the middle of those months.

    *If there are new applicants, they may start the course in the middle of the week. In that case, 3 lessons will be provided from the day instead of 2 lessons.

    8. Course placement:

    1) Courses open depending on applicants and their preferences. We cannot guarantee your course will open in your preferred time. Placements are on a first-come-first-served basis.

    2) After commencement of the course, if the instructors find a student's level to be insufficient for the level of the course, we reserve the right to have the student change their classes in the middle of their term. Additionally, if a student is frequently absent and unable to keep up with the class material, we reserve the right to have the student change their classes in the middle of their term.

    9. Force Majeure Event:

    Classes may be cancelled in case of uncontrolled events (natural disasters, etc). Alternative solutions will be arranged.

    10. Code of Conduct: We require all of our students to affirm the following pledge and to agree to the following code of conduct in order to promote a friendly and hospitable learning environment.

    As a student of Coto Japanese Academy I hereby agree to refrain from any behaviors that could be perceived as antisocial and disruptive to other students.

    I understand that Coto Japanese Academy employs a zero tolerance policy towards anti-social behaviors including but not limited to

    disrupting class

    creating a distraction

    conducting conversation in an inappropriate manner

    Interacting inappropriately during social events in conversation with other event participants

    I understand that failure to adhere to this code of conduct at Coto Japanece Academy during regular business hours and during Coto Japanese Academy events as a participant could result in my expulsion from Coto Japanese Academy and forfeit any right to a refund of any kind.

    These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time up to the exclusive discretion of Coto Japanese Academy.

    Coto’s Cooling off and Mid Term Transaction Cancellation Policies

    1. Cooling off Policy

    Should you wish to cancel your purchase transaction for a lesson package, which is more than 2 months in duration and more than 50,000 Yen in value, you may do so within 8 calendar days of the date of the sales transaction as registered by the credit card company or the administering organization of any other transaction types. Please notify us in writing. The following information must be included in the notification.

    • Name of the applicant.
    • Name of the student if different from the applicant name above in 1.
    • Date of the sales transaction.
    • Name of the course to be cancelled.
    • Total contract value for the course including any relevant course materials.
    • Indication of the applicant’s intent to cancel the transaction.
    • Date when this notification was produced.
    • Name of the author of the notification.

    2. Mid Term Transaction Cancellation Policy

    We will honor such a notification as described in the Cooling off Policy above in accordance with the cooling off guidelines as set forth by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan, provided that the period to be cancelled exceeds two months and the payment amount has exceeded 50,000 yen.

    If you should terminate early, we will refund the balance of the combined registration fee and tuition fee received, minus the following fees:

    1) If you have not taken any lessons: 15,000 yen as a penalty fee

    2) If you have already taken at least one lesson, the total amount of A, B and C below will be deducted:

    A) The 10,000 yen of registration fee (expenses required for enrollment procedures, level checks, and the creation of a study plan)

    B) Unit cost of the lesson fee times the number of lessons taken plus consumption tax

    C) Cancellation charge that is calculated as either 20% of the paid lesson charge minus the amount calculated in B) above or 50,000 yen, whichever is higher.

    3)For Intensive courses, unit cost is defined per week basis.

    The reimbursement will be made to a credit card number, which has been provided as a part of setting up a PayPal account to pay for the tuition.

    The reimbursement will be made to an account for any domestic financial institution excluding Japan Post Bank. The transfer charge is borne by the receiving party.