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  • Part-time Courses

    What are Part-time Courses?

    Our Part-time Courses are designed to teach practical aspects of Japanese. Instead of a comprehensive approach - part-time courses focus on teaching grammar, speaking, and other topics. These courses are good for students who have already learned some Japanese but want to improve their grammar, or their speaking specifically.

    Are Part-time Courses available in the Evenings and on Saturdays?

    Yes they are! You can see a full schedule of our Part-time Courses here: (Click on part-time)
  • Will my lesson time change during daylight saving time?

    If you’re in a daylight saving timezone and your teacher’s not, your lesson time will move forward one hour. The teacher’s booking has not changed—but your local timezone has. For example, Thursday lesson before DST: Teacher in Japan: 20:00 Student in EST: 06:00 Thursday lesson after DST: Teacher in Japan: 20:00 Student in EST: 07:00 If you’d like to keep your local time the same, you’ll need to check with your teacher to see if they’re able to change their schedule, and cancel your Recurring reservation 2 weeks prior to the desired date of change and make a new Recurring reservation at the new time. Please note: Lessons with teachers who are located in daylight saving time zones will not experience this. If your teacher is in a daylight saving timezone, their schedule will also move forward one hour and match yours.
  • Other FAQs

    Q: Where can I read and learn more about Coto Online?

    Read through our Online Help library at

    Q: How can I access the chat?

    Access the chat by clicking on the Coto speech bubble on the upper right of the home page.

    Q: How long can I access the chat?

    For one-time class bookings, you can access the chat from the time of reservation creation to 24 hours after the lesson concludes. If there is no next appointment, the chat will not be available until the next appointment is made. For recurring reservations, you can access the chat from the time of reservation creation to 2 weeks after the end of the last recurring lesson.

    Q: Does Coto teach children?

    Both our Group and Private lessons currently accept students aged 16 and older. We have a separate online course for Beginners kids from 7- to 15-years-old. Get in touch with us through Help if you’re interested in hearing more.

    Q: Can I ask for things to be translated?

    As a Japanese language school, Coto doesn’t currently offer translation services. Our teachers are not available to do translations for students.

    Q: Can I book a lesson to learn specific terminology, such as legal and financial terms?

    Our Japanese language instructors are able to teach and accommodate vocabulary within the scope of general Japanese. Currently, we don’t offer any lessons regarding the terminology of specialized fields.

    Q: How do I get an attendance record?

    Attendance records can be found on the My History page. Please go to My History and select Download History to download your attendance record as a CSV. For 3,000 yen, students can purchase a TK attendance record here.

    Q: How do I get an official certificate?

    Official certificates are available for a fee. You can purchase them using the following links:
  • Payment System and Credit Cards

    Q: Which payment methods are accepted?

    We accept payment by credit card and bank transfer. However, payment by bank transfer is available only for the Points Package and is limited to domestic bank accounts. If you wish to make payments through bank transfer, please contact us through the Help page.

    Q: How can I change my registered credit card?

    Please go to My Profile under the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then, go to My Payment Methods to register new card information and delete the old information.

    Q: Is there a registration fee?

    Currently, there’s no registration fee for online lessons. However, if you wish to start taking in-person lessons at Coto schools in Japan, there will be a 10,000 yen registration fee.

    Q: I signed up for a subscription plan. When is my next payment due or date?

    You can see your payment schedule on the My Points Balance page. Click the number of points next to your profile picture.

    Q: What happens if my payment fails to be processed?

    First, please check and update your payment information and, if necessary, contact your credit card company. The system will retry your transaction up to 5 times, so please DO NOT create a new point subscription. If you do so, you will have duplicate subscription plans, and double amounts may be charged. If you have recurring bookings and the payment for your point subscription does not go through by the deadline, your recurring bookings may be automatically canceled due to lack of points. If they are canceled, please start new recurring bookings again.

    Q: What’s the minimum contract term for a Subscription plan?

    There’s currently no minimum contract term. However, cancelations take two weeks to process; they’ll be reflected two weeks after you make your cancelation request.

    Q: Can I get a receipt or an invoice with the Coto company seal?

    Please contact us well in advance through the Help page. It typically takes about 2 to 3 business days to issue an invoice. Year-end and New Year holidays are a particularly busy time, and your request around then may take even longer.
  • Lesson Points

    Q: What are lesson points?

    Points are the currency that the Coto system uses to book lessons. Each lesson costs a set number of points. When you book a class, the system will deduct those points from your balance to pay for the lesson reservation.

    Q: Where can I check my points? 

    A: After logging into your account, your points will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

    Q: How do I buy more points?

    A: After logging in, click the point bubble displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access the points purchase site.

    Q: What are the different types of point plans?

    Currently, we have two lesson plans: Subscriptions and Points Packages. Subscription
    • Each point cycle is 28 days, and payment and point refills will be automatically processed
    • Recommended for students who want to take a certain number of lessons each week
    • Points purchased with a monthly subscription do not carry over to the next month and must be used to book lessons within the current 28-day cycle
    Points Package
    • Outright purchase of lesson points
    • Each package you purchase has a set expiration date specific to that package. Packages can be used to book recurring lessons if you have enough points to cover the 28 days of lessons. You must buy a new package or replenish your point balance before the next recurring booking day, when our system charges you points and books you for the next round of lessons

    Q: Do the points have an expiration date?

    Yes, points have expiration dates, as follows:
    • Subscription: 28 days from purchase. Points will be invalid after the expiration date, which cannot be extended
    • Points Package: The expiration date depends on the package. Please check the Points Purchase page for more information. Points will be invalid after the expiration date, which cannot be extended
    Lessons reserved before the expiration date can still be taken after the expiration date. If you cancel after the expiration date, the points will be invalid

    Q: I have more than one point plan. Can I combine them and have the expiration date extended by that amount?

    No, this is currently not possible. But your points will be deducted first from the package with the earlier expiration date.

    Q: Can I give my points to family or friends?

    A: No, points cannot be given away to others.

    Q: I can't use up my points before the expiration date. Is it possible to get an extension?

    Currently, we’re unable to extend the validity of points. All remaining points can be used for both Group and Private lessons, so we recommend trying different kinds of lessons. Please contact us through the problem report help function if you can’t find available teachers or appropriate group classes.

    Q: Why do the points have expiration dates?

    A: We set expiration dates for class points to help our students study at a steady, continuous pace. As you all know, learning a foreign language is not something that can be done overnight. Although learning speeds differ, depending on the individual, Coto instructors know that continuous learning leads to progress. We also don’t want students to fall behind after making the decision to start, and a points system helps reduce cancelations. If you get stuck with your studies, we’re happy to offer some guidance. Contact us anytime using the Help page.

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