Coto Sounds – Japanese learning Podcast Ep 6 – Shopping: Payment and Returns

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In this week’s episode, we give an example scenario of a customer looking to find a white T-shirt. We hear two native speakers have a conversation in the roles of the shop staff and the customer in the scene where the customer decided to pay for the t-shirt. You will learn how to make a payment and ask how to return items in Japanese.

In this conversation, it continues from the previous episode where the customer decides to pay for the t-shirt they tried on. It begins when the customer asks for a payment, followed by requesting to return a clothing item.

In Ep 6 – Shopping: Payment and Returns

  • 00:46 How to ask ask for a refund
  • 01:10 Proceeding with the payment process
  • 01:20 How to pay with a credit card
  • 01:35 When the store staff asks if you need a shopping bag
  • 01:46 Refund procedure
  • 02:17 English translation of the conversation
  • 05:10 Key vocabulary and phrases to know


Customer: お会計をお願いします。

okaikei wo onegaishimasu

I would like to proceed to payment.

Store staff:ありがとうございます。お会計はこちらへどうぞ〜

arigatōgozaimasu. okaikei wa kochira he douzo

Thank you very much. I will show you the way.  

Customer: あと、前にジーンズを買ったんですが、

ato, mae ni jīnzu wo kattan desuga,
ie ni kaette haitemitara yappari saizu ga awanakute, henpin dekimasuka?

I also bought jeans a while ago, and they actually did not fit well
when I tried it on at home. Is it possible to return the jeans?

Store staff: かしこまりました。先にレシートを見てもよろしいでしょうか?

kashikomarimashita. Sakini reshīto o mite mo yoroshīdeshou ka?

May I see your receipt?

Customer: はい。こちらです。

hai. kochiradesu.

Sure, here you go.


Store staff: 一週間以内のご返品なので、返品可能です。

ishūkan’inai no go henpin nanode, henpin kanōdesu

You have bought it within a week of purchase, so it’s possible to return. 

Customer: はあ、よかったです。

hā, yokatta desu.

Oh, okay. That’s great to know.

Store staff:では先にt-シャツを会計してから返品の処理をしますね。

dewa saki ni t – shatsu o kaikei shite kara henpin no shori o shimasu ne.
ē, kochira no bōdā t – shatsu itten de yon sen en degozaimasu.

I’ll start with the t-shirt purchase first, and then do the refund process.
This border t-shirt will be 4000 yen. 

Customer: クレジットカードでお願いします。

kurejittokādo de onegaishimasu.

I would like to pay with a credit card.

Store staff:お支払い回数はいかがなさいます?

o shiharai kaisū wa ikaga nasaimasu?

How many payments would you like to make?

Customer: 1回でお願いします。

ikkai de onegaishimasu.

In one time.

Store staff:かしこまりました。ではこちらにお差し込みください。

kashikomarimashita. de wa kochira ni o sashikomi kudasai.

Certainly. Please insert your card here.


chinamini kamibukuro yūryō ni narimasuga, ikaga nasaimasu ka?

We charge a fee on shopping bags, would you like one?

Customer: 袋はけっこうです。マイバッグを持っています。

fukuro wa kekkōdesu. maibaggu wo motte imasu.

I don’t need a bag. I brought my own. 

Store staff:ありがとうございます。では返品の処理をしますね。

arigatōgozaimasu. dewa henpin no shori o shimasu ne.
ē, kochira no jīnzu wa genkin de o shiharai itadaitanode,
genkin no haraimodoshi ni narimasu.
nanasen en wo okaeshi shimasu. go kakunin wo onegaiitashimasu.

Thank you. I will then get started with the refund process.
You have bought the Jeans with cash, so it will be a cash refund.
Here will be a refund of 7000 yen. Please check if it’s correct.

Customer: はい。ありがとうございます。

Hai. Arigatōgozaimasu.

Yes, thank you. 

Store staff: お買い上げありがとうございます!

O kaiage arigatōgozaimasu!
dōzo mata okoshi kudasaimase!

Thank you very much for your purchase!
Please come again!

Key Vocabulary and Phrases to know

  • 会計 (kaikei) – payment
  • 返品 (henpin) – return
  • レシート (reshīto) – receipt
  • クレジットカード (kurejitto kādo) – credit card
  • 回数 (kaisū) – number of times
  • 差し込む (sashikomu) – to insert
  • 抜く(nuku) – to pull out
  • 紙袋 (kamibukuro) – paper bag
  • 有料 (yūryō) – costs money
  • マイバッグ (mai baggu) – eco bag

We hope this episode has helped with understanding more Japanese conversations and phrases.
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