Student Testimonials

Lina: A Business Course to work in Japan in the future

Lina shared with us her motivation to improve her Japanese fluency and her experience studying in our Japanese Business Course.

Corina: From no Japanese to working in a Japanese company

Corina is studying at Coto since she arrived in Japan last year. She shared her experience working here in Tokyo and studying Japanese.

Alexandre: Japanese Business Course Testimonial

Alexandre is studying to be a lawyer and recently took our business course to improve his understanding of Japanese keigo.

Joan: From Newbie in Japan to Working Professional

Coto Student Joan arrived in Japan from Spain with no Japanese knowledge but learned quickly as he started working at a Japanese company.

Diana: I don’t actually look like soy sauce

Diana fell in love with the culture and language of Japan while visiting over ten years ago. She recently decided to continue her studies by taking the Coto Intensive Japanese Language Course.

Lucy: Working Holiday in Japan

We continue our Student Testimonial series with Lucy who came to Japan on a working holiday visa to learn the language and travel around the country.

Carlos: From China to Japan

Carlos has started his 3 month Intensive Course in February at Coto Japanese Academy. He’s passionate about Eastern Asian Culture and lived in China for a few years before mo...

Gregory: Aroused By Tasty Smells

How long have you been in Japan and why did you decide to move here? I’m back in the U.S. now; I was in Tokyo for two months. I’ve always...

Nicolas: From Working Holiday Visa to Local Freelance Photographer

When Nicolas arrived in Japan two years ago, he made a long time dream come true, a dream his wife came to share. He had travelled to Japan before, but became so...

How Mathieu Landed a Job in Japan

Mathieu moved to Japan in December 2015 to settle down with his Japanese wife. In France, he ran his own IT company providing customer support services. He chose to leave it all be...

From Foreign to Home, Inaya’s Working Experience in Japan

Inaya moved to Japan in March 2016 to pursue an exciting work opportunity in the Japanese headquarters of a global manufacturing company. “I have always been the kind of pers...

Challenge accepted: full-time work + intensive course

When Nicolas got the opportunity to work in Tokyo, he jumped at the chance right away since he had always been very fond of Japan.  “The offer was perfect. I was...