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Making Friends In Japan

A new country, a new environment, and a new culture are all things that you have to get used to a new country, environment, and culture, as well as meeting new people. But don’t worry. We’ve put together a few tips on how you can meet new people and make friends more easily. Just follow […]
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Master Japanese In 4 Weeks With Intensive Japanese Course

Are you looking for a short-term and speaking-focused Japanese course? Our intensive Japanese is for you! You can master your Japanese skills in just one month! Open to all levels!
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Best Japanese Anki Decks: Easy ways to remember Japanese

Looking for an effective and easy way to start learning new Japanese words? Try using Anki. Using a spaced repetition system (SRS) allows you to revisit new vocabulary repetitively — but in a programmed time frame. Through this, you can spend more time on words you have a harder time remembering and less on easier […]
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Work Remotely In Japan

Do you ever wish you could explore Japan while getting paid? You can do that through different visas! Staying and living in Japan requires a Visa, but not every visa is one size fits all. Each one has different pros and cons. The main differences are the limits on how much you can work, how […]
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Japanese Language & Cultural Immersion Course: Learn and Experience Japan

Learn the language and experience the culture with our brand-new flexible course that you can join while you are traveling in Japan. Limited spots available so book yours now!
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Ace Your Next JLPT Exam With Our JLPT Prep Courses

Ready to ace your next JLPT exam? Our JLPT Prep Courses provide full-year JLPT courses and last-minute crash courses: 3-month or 6-month courses for both in-person and online! Check this blog to sign up and learn more about the course information!
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Japanese Proverbs: Interesting ways to learn the language and culture

Besides learning kanji from apps and practicing speaking Japanese, knowing inspiring Japanese proverbs is a great way to speed up your study process. You’ll be exposed to new vocabulary—and maybe even gain valuable wisdom. Japanese proverbs paint a picture of different situations. They reflect Japanese culture and hundreds of years of history. They are interesting […]
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How to Use Ganbare, Ganbatte, Ganbarimasu in Japanese: Give It Your Best!

Ganbare (頑張れ) or ganbatte (頑張って) is a Japanese phrase that means "Come on!" "Let's go!" or "Go for it!" in English.
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Hiragana Chart & Quiz – Japanese Resources

Click Here to join our 30-day challenge to learn Hiragana Learn Japanese Hiragana and Katakana In this blog, we share our own PDF learning Hiragana practice sheets and links to some popular apps for learning Japanese. Just started learning Japanese? Head to our main article about the Japanese writing system for a more comprehensive guide! […]
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Test Your Japanese Level For Free

Our Test Your Japanese Level Quiz is a free tool for estimating your Japanese level. Get instant recommendations on our courses today! 
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Guide to Learning Japanese With Anki Flashcards

There's a way to soak new Japanese words faster and easier: by using Anki flashcards. Learn how you can customize them to make your studies more effective.
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Fun Activities For Children in Japan

Planning a trip to Japan with the whole family? Here are some activities every age will love!
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