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Best Tonkatsu Recipe and Useful Vocabulary List – Where to buy the ingredients

Tonkatsu, also known as Japaese pork cutlet is a Japanese dish that consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. It involves coating slices of pork with panko, frying them in oil, and then serving with rice and shredded cabbage. There are different ways to enjoy tonkatsu but today, let’s try making the most basic tonkatsu. […]
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Top 5 Grocery and Supermarkets in Tokyo

Are you looking for a grocery store that sells import foods in Tokyo? Check out our top 5 grocery stores in Tokyo. Are you new to Japan and need to go grocery shopping? Although Japanese convenience stores have variety of items available, if you are planning to buy fresh and wider variety of products, visiting […]
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Best Ramen Recipe and Useful Vocabulary List – Where to buy the ingredients

Ramen would be one of the soup dishes that pops into your mind when thinking about Japanese food. With its affordable cost and easy accessibility, ramen has become one of the most enjoyed soup dishes in Japan. Shio (Salt), Shoyu (Soy Sauce), Miso (Fermented soybean paste), and Tonkotsu (Pork Bone) are the four basic ramen […]
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Golden Week Intensive Special Japanese Course – 2021

Golden Week Intesive – Special 5 Day Japanese Conversation and Business Writing Courses Wondering what to do for this year’s Golden Week?  If so, we at Coto Academy have some exciting news for you – Our Special Golden Week Intensive Courses! When? May 3-7, 2021 (5 days) Where? Online or In-person – it’s up to you! Why? […]
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Monthly Events at Coto

Each month we provide a series of cultural events for you to experience Japanese cooking, calligraphy, and cuisine.  We also produce a series of lunchtime Japanese practice events where you can eat lunch together with volunteer native speakers and practice what you are learning in the classroom. Bento Chat Hour – Japanese Practice Event Looking […]
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Largest Firework Festivals in Tokyo 2019 NEW UPDATE

In Japan, the 花火大会(Hanabi Taikai) or fireworks festival is a symbolic event of summer life in the country. Wildly popular, the festive and romantic atmosphere of Hanabi attracts up to a million of visitors per show in urban areas like Tokyo. People would even visit the place a few hours beforehand to ensure seats for their […]
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Beer Garden Party 17th August 2019

What do you do to beat the summer heat? Come and enjoy our “Beer Garden Party”! It will be a lot of fun, and you can practice your Japanese! Feel free to bring along your family and friends!   Schedule Date: Saturday, August 17th Time: 19:30 – 21:30 (Meeting at 19:10 at “Let’s Look Up” […]
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Japanese Ink Painting Class – 7/31

Let’s learn Sumi-e(Ink Painting) Together! Take a brush and a piece of washi paper and learn how to draw the typical Japanese ink paintings called Sumi-e! Practice this ancient art in the studio of the instructor Honda Yuta-san, whose father was a recognized Sumi-e painter, Honda Toyokuni. Don’t worry if you have never painted with […]
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Japanese Sake Workshop 7/27 – Coto Japanese Academy

Learn the Basics of Japanese Rice Wine (Sake)! ​We will be holding a Japanese Sake Workshop to learn the basics of Japanese rice wine on Saturday, July 27th. The workshop will begin with an introduction by Yamazaki san, a sake specialist, followed by a tasting session with 5 different types of Japanese sake. Enjoy Tasting […]
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Special Event – Discover Kabuki: 6/17 Monday

What is Kabuki? Kabuki(歌舞伎 かぶき) is a traditional Japanese dance-drama originated in the 17th century. It is well known for the fancy costumes, make-up and well-designed stages. In 2005, Kabuki was announced by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Today, Kabuki has become the most popular Japanese performing art loved by many people worldwide. Don’t […]
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Mount Nokogiri Hiking and Onsen Trip. Sun 5/19

Mount Nokogiri Hiking and Onsen trip   Mount Nokogiri is a low mountain located in Chiba Prefecture. It is very famous for its unusual summit and blade-shaped cliffs.  You will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of Tokyo Bay from the summit of the mountain. You will also be able to see the giant […]
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An Authentic Samurai and Ninja Experience: Thu. 4/11

Learn how to use real weapons in this unique opportunity! Have you heard of “Laido”? “Laido” (居合道) is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes being aware so that one can quickly draw their sword if a sudden attack were to arise. Iaido uses smooth and controlled movements to strike or cut an opponent. Through the practice […]
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