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Japanese Essentials: How to Ask Where is Something?

We are continuing our Essential Japanese series with a look at being able to ask where is something. Very similar to English, Japanese language has interrogative words and theyR...

Japanese Essentials: How to ask if a place is nearby

Asking for directions in Japanese is very easy and a good way to meet the locals. Follow our handy vocabulary guide to learning how to ask if a place is nearby.

Japanese Essentials: Family, and the Japanese Words for Mother and Father

When speaking about family in Japanese, you will not use the same words whether your speaking about your loved ones or about another person’s family members.

Japanese Essentials: How to Ask a Question

If you want to know more about the person you’re with, it’s time to learn how to ask a question in Japanese.

Japanese Essentials: How to Introduce Yourself in Japanese

Learn how to easily and quickly introduce yourself in Japanese in this handy article.

Japanese Essentials: How To Talk About Things You Like

A great way to make a new friend is to share about your interests and things you enjoy. Being able to talk in Japanese about things you like will get...

Japanese Essentials: Ordering a Pint or Can of Beer in Japan!

A key language lesson to learn in Japan is how to order beers at a restaurant!

Coto Academy 3 Year Anniversary Special!

At Coto we’re very excited about our upcoming 3rd year anniversary! As a big thank you to all our current and potential new students we are pleased to announce a...

Booking a Mystery Ski Package in Japanese

Can you believe we’re already in February? The winter season has well and truly settled in, but for those of you wanting to get out and ski or snowboard, there...

Valentine’s Day In Japan: Get Around All The Chocolate

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is all about women giving chocolate to men, a strong tradition going back to the 50s. What’s more, chocolate is given not only to lovers but a...

Quick Guide: Commonly Used Terms related to Sumo Wrestling

Spectating a Sumo Match Sumo Terminologies Sumo Techniques   Spectating a Sumo Match Every year on the first Sunday of February, our students and the Coto Japanese Academy tea...

6 Japanese Yojijukugo You Should Know

Do you experience setbacks and frustration while learning Japanese? When you forget to see the progress that you’re making and losing motivation, let go of the grammar and th...