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AIUEO Japanese Learning Blog – No – nosaido (No side)

This week we will be learning some Japanese katakana words related to Rugby from Matsumoto Sensei

Japanese Learning Blog – AIUEO – NE – NEKO – Japanese idioms related to cats

This week – Kumi Tanaka Sensei will share with us several idioms in Japanese related to cats.

AIUEO Japanese Learning Blog – Nu – Learn by stealing

This week – Yumi Yoshida will teach us about how to learn Japanese by stealing.

AIUEO Japanese Learning Blog – Ni – Nikki (Diary)

In this blog from Hidari-San we will learn the difference between writing a diary and keeping a diary in Japanese.

20 ways to use Daijobu / Daijoubu 大丈夫 in Japanese

This blog will teach you how to use Daijobu / Daijoubu in Japanese. It lists 20 different ways that you can use daijobu / daijobu in Japanese with example sentences. So if you are looking for a quick reference that can teach you many ways of using this popular Japanese phrase – this is the blog for you!

AIUEO Learning Blog – Summer Festivals – Na – “Natsu matsuri”

Aiueo Blog “Summer Festivals” Na – Natsu matsuri 日本語「は」こちら Hello everyone! We have finally reached the turn around “Na” column of the Japanese alphabet. For this ...

AIUEO – To – Toriaezu – Beer! (What is the meaning of toriaezu?)

日本語こちら To: Toriaezu Beer! (Tori-Bee!) Have you ever been to an izakaya? It’s a kind of casual drinking establishment in Japan that also serves food. When you go to an......

AIUEO Learning Blog – Te – Tekito (適当) – The two meanings of Tekito in Japanese

日本語こちら A, who is a university student, told me this story the other day: “I had an interview with a company today. My university lecturer had told me to “go...

AIUEO – Tsu – Tsui Tsui – “ついつい” in Japanese

日本語こちら Would it be strange if I said I   (“couldn’t help but study?”) “ついつい勉強してしまう” When you “couldn’t help yourself” – ついつい &...

AIUEO – “Chi” – Chahan

Today’s AIUEO Japanese learning blog is about Chahan – or fried rice. This blog will teach you how vocabulary and in the process – how to make delicious egg fried rice.

Four of the Best Apps to Learn Japanese Reading – 2018

Are you looking for the perfect app to help you learn Japanese reading?  This blog will list some of the most popular and helpful applications for learning how to read Japanese on iOS and Android mobile devices

AIUEO – Ta – Taiyaki

Japanese Version  Hello everyone! My A-I-U-E-O blog will be focusing on Ta this week. I hope that you enjoy guessing what word will come next! And today’s theme, well, if...

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