Life in Japan

Japanese Language Guide to Rugby World Cup 2019!

Information on Event Where will it be Held? Information about the Stadiums When will it be held? Where to get the Tickets   Planning the Trip to Japan/Tokyo Do I...

New Year’s Resolution: Getting Started on Learning Japanese in 2019…?

“3…2…1! Annnnd it’s finally 2019!” Or so it would have went weeks back. With the brand new year upon us, have you made your New Year’s Resolutio...

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Guide – Japanese Language and Culture

The time of the Olympics is here again! In the blink of an eye, 4 years have passed since the Rio 2016 Olympics, and today, we will be providing you...

Japanese Essentials: Cost of Studying Japanese in Tokyo

If you’re thinking about how to go about planning and managing the finances required to live and study in Japan, this article will help you to plan your trip budget....

How to rent & use share bicycles in Tokyo (Docomo Sharecycle)

Want to learn how to use the red public share bicycles in Tokyo? Our students have asked for our help to understand how to use the share cycle system in...

Children’s Day (こどもの日): All About this “Double Fifth” Holiday

With a history of almost 1300 years in Japan, we explore the origins of Children’s Day, its connections to China, and some of its most revered traditions.

Greenery Day (みどりの日): It’s Green and Blue

Celebrated annually on 4th May, this relatively young is linked to one of Japan’s youngest colours.

Constitution Memorial Day (憲法記念日): A Day to Dedicated to Peace

On 3rd May 1947 the Constitution of Japan, also known as the “Peace Constitution” was signed, and this date has been a national holiday ever since.

Showa Day (昭和の日): Remembering History, and Why It’s Important

The intention of Showa Day is to encourage reflection upon the years 1929-1989, otherwise known as the Showa Era – an intense time in Japan.

Japanese Baseball Vocabulary & Flashcards

Going to a Tokyo Giants Baseball Game? This article will teach you Japanese Baseball Vocabulary!

Tokyo Dome City & Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

Tokyo Dome City (東京ドームシティ) & Koishikawa Korakuen Garden (小石川後楽園) are two major tourist destinations located a short 15 minute walk from Coto Japanese Academy – they are a...

The Love Shrine of Tokyo – Tokyo Daijingu Shrine(東京大神宮)

Did you know that one of Tokyo’s 5 Major Shrines is only a 3 minute walk from Coto ACADEMY?   Tokyo Daijingu 東京大神宮 ( とうきょう だいじんぐ ) – located in Iidabashi......