Life in Japan

What Does Baka Mean in Japanese – and Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Use It

Have you ever heard the word “baka” used in Japanese?  Do you know what it means?  If you are an avid anime viewer or you are living in Japan –...

Intermediate Lite Intensive Courses are here!

Our Lite Intensive Course is now available for the Intermediate Level For our full-time working students, it can be hard to take Japanese lessons during the week.  Either you take....

How to Use a Japanese ATM – Kanji and Vocab for Using an ATM in Japanese – FULL GUIDE

Japanese ATMs can be difficult and confusing to operate in Japanese! Although some ATMs have English options available, many do not. So if you have already opened a Japanese bank.....

Baby names that work in Both Japanese and English

Are you having a baby in Japan? Choosing a name can be hard. You don’t want to have to have a Japanese only name – but most English names don’t...

Plastic Bags in Japan – マイバッグ | Eco-friendly Grocery Shopping in Japan

In the above video, Akiko-sensei explains to us the recent change in Japan’s policy regarding plastic bags. She also explains how to interact with store clerks in Japanese ab...

Orchards and Fruit Picking in Tokyo – How to Make a Reservation and Key Vocabulary

Are you planning a family outing in Tokyo? Or maybe even a romantic date! In any case, fruit picking in Tokyo is a fantastic excursion idea! Japan has orchards and...

What do Itadakimasu (いただきます) and Gochisousamadesu (ごちそうさまです) Mean?

Introduction Itadakimasu (いただきます) Gochisousamadesu (ごちそうさまです) Eating in Japan: Using Itadakimasu and Gochisousamadesu Ever wondered about the meaning of the most important Japanese...

Marine Day (海の日): How and Why Japan Pay Homage to the Oceans

Japan is the only nation to have a public holiday dedicated to the oceans. So, why is Marine Day important and how can we all celebrate it together?

What You Need to Know About Japan’s New Job Hunting Visa

The new Designated Activities visa allows foreign students actively seeking employment after graduation to stay in Japan.

Dealing With Mold In Japan During The Rainy Season

Dealing with mold in Japan is a challenge but use these tools and tips to keep the fungus away from your apartment or home.

5 Ways to ‘Get-to-Know’ Mountain Day (山の日) in Tokyo

What is Japan’s newest holiday about, and can we actually celebrate it in Tokyo?

Autumnal Equinox Day (秋分の日): More Than Just a Change of Seasons

Far from being a new practice, the foundations of Autumnal Equinox Day were actually laid out centuries ago. But, many moons later, are the origins of this holiday still relevant today?

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