AIUEO Japanese Learning Blog

AIUEO Learning Blog – Su – Suki koso monono jouzu nare

This blog teaches us a popular Japanese Proverb – Su – “Suki koso monono jozu nare (What one likes, one will do well).” 好きこそものの上手なれ

What Does Senpai Mean? – AIUEO - Se (せ) – 先輩 (Senpai)

Learn about the word Senpai and its meaning in Japanese and English in this latest A-I-U-E-O Learning Blog.

AIUEO - So (そ) - Souda (そうだ) - I know, Kyoto, Let’s Go!

In this blog – Matsumoto Sensei teaches us the meaning behind one of Japan’s longest running advertising Campaigns.

AIUEO – Ta – Taiyaki

Japanese Version  Hello everyone! My A-I-U-E-O blog will be focusing on Ta this week. I hope that you enjoy guessing what word will come next! And today’s theme, well, if...

AIUEO – “Chi” – Chahan

Today’s AIUEO Japanese learning blog is about Chahan – or fried rice. This blog will teach you how vocabulary and in the process – how to make delicious egg fried rice.

AIUEO – Tsu – Tsui Tsui – “ついつい” in Japanese

日本語こちら Would it be strange if I said I   (“couldn’t help but study?”) “ついつい勉強してしまう” When you “couldn’t help yourself” – ついつい &...

AIUEO Learning Blog – Te – Tekito (適当) – The two meanings of Tekito in Japanese

日本語こちら A, who is a university student, told me this story the other day: “I had an interview with a company today. My university lecturer had told me to “go...

What Does Toriaezu Mean in Japanese? AIUEO – To (と) – Toriaezu (とりあえず)

How Can I Use Toriaezu in Japanese? 日本語こちら Typical Conversation between Japanese Friends The Positive & Negative Connotations To (と): Toriaezu (とりあえず) Beer! (Tori-Bee!) Have yo...

AIUEO - Na (な) – Natsu Matsuri- Summer Festivals in Japan

Aiueo Blog “Summer Festivals” Na – Natsu matsuri 日本語「は」こちら Hello everyone! We have finally reached the turn around “Na” column of the Japanese alphabet. For this ...

AIUEO - Ni (に) – Nikki- Writing a Diary

In this blog from Hidari-San we will learn the difference between writing a diary and keeping a diary in Japanese.

AIUEO Japanese Learning Blog – Nu – Learn by stealing

This week – Yumi Yoshida will teach us about how to learn Japanese by stealing.

Japanese Learning Blog – AIUEO – NE – NEKO – Japanese idioms related to cats

This week – Kumi Tanaka Sensei will share with us several idioms in Japanese related to cats.