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Japanese Language & Cultural Immersion Course: Learn and Experience Japan

Learn the language and experience the culture with our brand-new flexible course that you can join while you are traveling in Japan. Limited spots available so book yours now!
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Start Learning Japanese With Coto Online Today, Available 24/7

Want to learn Japanese online anytime and anywhere? Coto Online is here for you. It provides 60+ courses (JLPT, grammar, and conversational practices) for you to choose from. All courses are available for both group and private lessons.
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Navigating “Kōban Katsudō”: A Guide to Police Encounters in Japan

Living in Japan comes with many delights, but for foreigners, unexpected police encounters can be confusing and even anxiety-inducing. 交番活動 Kōban katsudō, or routine police questioning on the street, is a common practice, but knowing your rights and communicating effectively can make the experience much smoother. A Quick Jump To… What Is 交番活動 Kōban katsudō […]
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