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Japanese Language & Cultural Immersion Course: Learn and Experience Japan

Learn the language and experience the culture with our brand-new flexible course that you can join while you are traveling in Japan. Limited spots available so book yours now!
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Start Learning Japanese With Coto Online Today, Available 24/7

Want to learn Japanese online anytime and anywhere? Coto Online is here for you. It provides 60+ courses (JLPT, grammar, and conversational practices) for you to choose from. All courses are available for both group and private lessons.
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How to Ask for the Bill in Japanese Restaurants

Dining at Japanese restaurants can be a delightful experience, from savoring delicious sushi to enjoying a hot bowl of ramen. However, at the end of the meal, you may find yourself wondering how to ask for the bill. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the essential phrases, provide a vocabulary table, and quiz […]
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Exploring Japan’s Autumn Wonderland: Things to Do in November

Japan is a beautiful country to visit any time of year, but November is a particularly special time to go. The weather is starting to cool down, but it’s not yet too cold, and the autumn leaves are in full bloom. This is the perfect time to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, with […]
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