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Let’s Talk About な-Adjectives and の-Adjectives: The Japanese Dilemma

When we talk about the な and い adjectives, the conjugation rules are hectic, but at least straightforward. For example, to describe something with an い-adjective, you just have to attach the word to a noun without adding any Japanese particles (e.g. かわいい人). For a な-adjective, all you need to do is add a very […]
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MyJLPT: How to Check Your Results for The JLPT December 2021

For Japanese students who took the JLPT on December 2021, the test results are available online from January 24, 2022. The online test result announcement will be viewable from January 24 to March 31, 2022. Keep in mind that due to traffic, there may be a delay in connection. For international residents in Japan, the […]
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