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Coto Sounds – Japanese learning Podcast Ep 7 – How to ask for directions

Are you not good with directions, always having to refer with the map on your phone to get to your destination? You are not alone. In this episode, we introudce how to ask for directions in Japanese to another person, in any situation you don’t have wifi, or your phone maps is not working. By […]
Coto Academy

Learn Japanese in Azabu Juban – Coto Japanese Club

Are you searching for a Japanese language school in Azabu Juban? Coto Club is a great option for international working professionals and expat families in Minato-ku. Coto Academy offers easy-to-join online group courses according to your level and desired topics. Visit the Coto Japanese Club website for information about current courses and pricing. From Beginner classes to Advanced/Business Japanese classes, […]
Coto Academy
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