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Part-time Evening Japanese Classes at Tokyo and Yokohama

Have you ever wanted to learn Japanese, but cannot seem to find the right time? Rest assured, our in-person part-time lessons offer a variety of lessons in the evening for busy individuals that have to balance between work and studying. We offer a wide array of levels from beginner to advanced courses that help students […]
Coto Academy

Coto Sounds – Japanese learning Podcast Ep 5 – How to shop for clothes

Do you struggle with shopping in Japanese, not knowing how to aswer when the shop staffs ask what you are looking for? In this week’s episode, we give an example scenario of a customer looking to find a white T-shirt. We hear two native speakers have a conversation in the roles of the shop staff […]
Coto Academy

Do you need to pass the JLPT to work in Japan?

How is the Job Hunting Process in Japan? Over the last few years, the number of international students who want to work in Japan after graduation has steadily increased, and many organizations want to hire students with international experience as well. In order to successfully get a job in Japan, we recommend to first learn […]
Coto Academy
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