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How to customize your favorite Ramen – Ramen Toppings and Vocabulary

When you visit Japan, you cannot miss out on the Japanese food culture. Ramen is amongst the popular ones of them. Depending on the type of ramen shop you enter in, ramen is commonly served with the shop’s own decision of what kinds of noodles, broth thickness, and toppings to use. However, if you eat at […]
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FREE! JLPT N4 YouTube Video Grammar Course

Staring at a textbook to study for the JLPT can get tedious… Right? Well, you’re in luck, because Coto is now offering a FUN self-study course to help you prepare for the JLPT N4 Exam and break up the monotony… all for FREE! The new JLPT N4 YouTube Video Grammar Course features short and easy […]
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