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How to say "This vending machine ate my money" in Japanese / How to Use a Vending Machine in Japan

Sometimes, no matter how unlikely things will happen, it happens anyway. Has your money ever been eaten by a Vending Machine? Things may vary from places to places, but here in Japan, you can get your money back easily and it is even more than the amount you lost sometimes! Let us show you how to […]
Coto Academy

Japanese Sake Workshop 7/27 – Coto Japanese Academy

Learn the Basics of Japanese Rice Wine (Sake)! ​We will be holding a Japanese Sake Workshop to learn the basics of Japanese rice wine on Saturday, July 27th. The workshop will begin with an introduction by Yamazaki san, a sake specialist, followed by a tasting session with 5 different types of Japanese sake. Enjoy Tasting […]
Coto Academy
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