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Coto Japanese Academy Year-end Party! 2014

(日本語はギャラリーの下をご覧ください) What kind of year was 2014 to everyone? 「みなさんにとって2014年はどんな年でしたか?」 With that question, our first year-end party as Coto Japanese Academy began. The venue this time was the organic restaurant Salt and Soil, a 2 minute walk from the school. There was delicious food and an all you can drink plan, and over 70 students […]
Coto Academy

Saying "Goodbye" in Japanese: Can it only be さよなら (Sayonara)?

How Can I Say “Goodbye” in Japanese? Are you using Sayonara to say “goodbye” in Japanese? It may not mean quite what you think…Using さよなら (Sayonara) to express FarewellCasual ConversationsIn Formal Context…Not meeting for a while… Using さよなら (Sayonara) to express Farewell One of the first words that you will learn when studying Japanese is さよなら (sayonara), […]
Coto Academy
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