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Japanese Learning Resources We Love: Fall 2022

The weather, warm drinks and comfy sweaters make for a cozy vibe that just tempts you to stay in. Besides studying Japanese with a native teacher, outside
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7 Japanese Language Schools in Honolulu, Hawaii

Thankfully, if you are an adult, there are some great Japanese language schools located in Hawaii. They offer classes ranging from beginner to advanced level. Some courses might be held online too, but we recommend weighing down your options before you decide which class you want to join.
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5 Japanese Language Schools in Auckland, New Zealand

Check out the top 5 places to learn Japanese in Auckland, New Zealand. Ranging from private to group Japanese lessons, beginner to advanced, in-person and online.
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Ehon (絵本): 8 Fun Japanese Picture Books for Kids

Japanese picture books, or ehon (絵本), are great tools for kids to learn Japanese. They’re packed with the right balance of cute graphics, dialogues, Japanese sentences and an entertaining storyline. The illustrations can become contextual cues for children,
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Our Favorite Japanese Learning Resources: August 2022

Fun fact: every week, Coto team gathers together to talk about their favorite Japanese learning resources. It could be anything from podcasts, J-vlogs, and new Japan-based TikTokers to newfound digital dictionaries and Japanese language blogs.  We have to say, squinting under the sun, sweating and exclaiming, “Atsui desu ne!” ten times in an hour was […]
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JLPT N5 Practice Test (with Timer!)

See how you will do on the real JLPT N5. This is the closest thing to the real exam available on the internet.
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