Mi – Mikan – How to say Mandarin Orange in Japanese

This week Yasuko Hidari will share with us about the culture behind the Mikan -(Mandarin Orange in Japanese) and how your style of eating it can show your personality.

Japanese Basic Grammar Guide Part IV – Verbs

Introduction Dictionary Form ます (Masu) Form て (Te) Form Hello! Today we’ll be taking a look at some Japanese Verbs with illustrations provided by one of our students! Introduction ...

What is the meaning of “Magokoro” in Japanese – AIUEO

What is the Meaning of Magokoro in Japanese? 日本語版はこちら! Magokoro: a true heart – a heart with no deception or a façade – Sincerity. “To put your heart in a......

AIUEO – Ho – Horyu-ji – Famous Japanese Temple in Nara

日本語はこちら Horyu-ji is a temple in Nara that was built around 1,300 years ago. It is said to be the oldest surviving example of wooden architecture (buildings made of wood)......

Events in October 2018

Japanese Every month we hold cultural and social events for our students and their friends to discover more about Japanese culture, meet new friends and practice Japanese. We are l...

Learn Japanese with Terrace House – Boys and Girls in the City – Top 10 Phrases

Terrace House is a popular Japanese Reality Series. This article gives 10 frequently used vocabulary from the popular Netflix show! Practice real spoken Japanese by watching Terrace House.

AIUEO - He (へ) – 凹む (Hekomu) – Meaning of Hekomu in Japanese

Do you know the meaning of the word hekomu in Japanese? This article will teach you about this interesting character.

How to use Hutsuni in Japanese – AIUEO

This week – Yumi Yoshida sensei will teach us how to use the Japanese word hutsuni. Hutsuni in Japanese means – as expected or so – so. Learn how to use hutsuni with example sentences.

AIUEO - Hi (ひ) – Hisashiburi- Long Time No See!

This week Hidarisan will teach us one of the meaning of Hisahiburi – a very common Japanese Expression

AIUEO - Ha (は) – Haniwa- Japanese Unglazed Pottery

This week Nezu San will teach us about Japanese Haniwa Pottery

How to Learn Japanese In Tokyo

A List of the best ways to learn Japanese in Tokyo

Find The Perfect Accommodation For Your Stay

At Coto Japanese Academy, we care to help you enjoy your experience studying Japanese! If you’re looking for an accommodation during your time with us, we’d be happy to...