AIUEO Learning Blog – Su – Suki koso monono jouzu nare

This blog teaches us a popular Japanese Proverb – Su – “Suki koso monono jozu nare (What one likes, one will do well).” 好きこそものの上手なれ

Children’s Day (こどもの日): All About this “Double Fifth” Holiday

With a history of almost 1300 years in Japan, we explore the origins of Children’s Day, its connections to China, and some of its most revered traditions.

Greenery Day (みどりの日): It’s Green and Blue

Celebrated annually on 4th May, this relatively young is linked to one of Japan’s youngest colours.

Constitution Memorial Day (憲法記念日): A Day to Dedicated to Peace

On 3rd May 1947 the Constitution of Japan, also known as the “Peace Constitution” was signed, and this date has been a national holiday ever since.

Showa Day (昭和の日): Remembering History, and Why It’s Important

The intention of Showa Day is to encourage reflection upon the years 1929-1989, otherwise known as the Showa Era – an intense time in Japan.

What Does Shouganai Mean in Japanese? AIUEO – Shi (し) – Shikata ga nai, Shouganai

What do the Japanese Words “Shouganai” and “Shikata ga nai” Mean in English? 「しかた(が)ない、しょうがない」、 Shikata ga nai, shouganai There’s nothing you can do. ...

Nicole L – Student Testimonial – Beginner 5

Can you tell us about yourself and how long you have been studying at Coto Japanese Academy? I’m from Malaysia and have been studying at Coto since January 2018.  I...

Bento Chat Hour – Speaking Practice Events in May

Looking for a way to practice Speaking Japanese in Tokyo? Bento Chat Hour is perfect for you!

Daryl: Improving Business Japanese to communicate with clients

In this blog – we ask Daryl, an attorney and intermediate Japanese language learner about his experience with our Business Japanese Course

Japanese Baseball Vocabulary & Flashcards

Going to a Tokyo Giants Baseball Game? This article will teach you Japanese Baseball Vocabulary!

The Basics of Japanese Cooking - AIUEO - Sa (さ) – Sa, Shi, Su, Se and So

The Basics of Japanese Cooking Vocabulary What are the Sa, Shi, Su, Se and So’s of Japanese Cooking? 日本語はこちら Hi there! Can you believe it’s already May!? Well, anyways, it’s....

Coto Japanese Academy May Events Calendar 2018

This is an older post – to see our upcoming monthly events – click here Monthly Events Every month we hold cultural and social events for our students and their...