Learn Japanese with Terrace House – Boys and Girls in the City – Top 10 Phrases

Terrace House is a popular Japanese Reality Series. This article gives 10 frequently used vocabulary from the popular Netflix show! Practice real spoken Japanese by watching Terrace House.

How to use Hutsuni in Japanese – AIUEO

This week – Yumi Yoshida sensei will teach us how to use the Japanese word hutsuni. Hutsuni in Japanese means – as expected or so – so. Learn how to use hutsuni with example sentences.

AIUEO Japanese Learning Blog Ha

This week Nezu San will teach us about Japanese Haniwa Pottery

How to Learn Japanese In Tokyo

A List of the best ways to learn Japanese in Tokyo

Find The Perfect Accommodation For Your Stay

At Coto Japanese Academy, we care to help you enjoy your experience studying Japanese! If you’re looking for an accommodation during your time with us, we’d be happy to...

AIUEO Japanese Learning Blog – No – nosaido (No side)

This week we will be learning some Japanese katakana words related to Rugby from Matsumoto Sensei

AIUEO Japanese Learning Blog – Nu – Learn by stealing

This week – Yumi Yoshida will teach us about how to learn Japanese by stealing.

AIUEO Japanese Learning Blog – Ni – Nikki (Diary)

In this blog from Hidari-San we will learn the difference between writing a diary and keeping a diary in Japanese.

20 ways to use Daijobu / Daijoubu 大丈夫 in Japanese

This blog will teach you how to use Daijobu / Daijoubu in Japanese. It lists 20 different ways that you can use daijobu / daijobu in Japanese with example sentences. So if you are looking for a quick reference that can teach you many ways of using this popular Japanese phrase – this is the blog for you!

AIUEO Learning Blog – Te – Tekito (適当) – The two meanings of Tekito in Japanese

日本語こちら A, who is a university student, told me this story the other day: “I had an interview with a company today. My university lecturer had told me to “go...

Student Story – Shannon – Learning Japanese as an Actress / Performer

What brought you to Japan? I am a performer by trade and I was sent to Japan on a 3 year assignment. I spent about 3 years here and never...

How to rent & use share bicycles in Tokyo (Docomo Sharecycle)

Want to learn how to use the red public share bicycles in Tokyo? Our students have asked for our help to understand how to use the share cycle system in...

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