Interesting Business Katakana Words

  There are many Katakana words used in business Japanese that are difficult to guess their meanings just by pronouncing them. Which is strange because there are so many examp...

How to say yes in Japanese – Saying Yes in Japanese

“Yes” and “No” can be the first few words you learn when learning Japanese. If you are a beginner in learning Japanese, you must have already learned that &...

The most difficult Japanese Kanji

Kanji is hard to learn – do you know what the world’s most difficult Japanese Kanji are?  This blog will show you some of them. Originated from China, kanji takes...

Review Roundup – What are people saying about our Japanese Classes in Tokyo?

We want to thank everyone that has studied with us over the last year.   Reading our website is a great way to learn about courses we offer.   But...

Tokyo as an Expat – How to choose the best Japanese Language School?

As an Ex-Pat in Tokyo – how do you know which Japanese school is the right fit for you? Do you have a busy schedule? Then you need a school...

Japanese Guide: How to Apply for the JLPT Online!

It’s almost that time of the year again where most of us are getting all ready to sign up for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, otherwise known as the JLPT....

Guide to your Japanese Bathtub!

Who could say no to a warm bubblebath? With Japanese innovations, your bathtime might not be the same. Learn what each button says on your bathtub control here.

Guide to Japanese Toilets! Japanese Toilet Buttons Infographic

One thing people might tell you to prepare yourself for before going to Japan is about the toilets. Impress your friends with your knowledge of the kanjis on Japanese washlets!

Language Guide to Your Japanese Rice Cooker!

If you love cooking, knowing the essentials of Japanese rice cooker could be another life hack for you!

Historical Tour to Edo Castle ー Saturday, Mar. 16th

What’s this Tour all about? Imperial Palace East Garden Tour: Transport yourself back in time 250 years when Tokyo was known as Edo. Explore the former site of Edo castle...

Learn Japanese – Tidying up with Marie Kondo – 18 Common Phrases

Recently, Netflix has released a new series called “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” which has been a hit! Today, we will be introducing 18 common phrases used in the show by Marie!

Guide to Japanese Washing Machines!

Some clothes have to be washed in warm water to retain its quality. Know which button to press when you want to wash your clothes with this Japanese Washing Machine Guide.

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