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Mika Iijima

Coto Staff - Mika Iijima

Mika Iijima

1) Profile

Born and raised in Hawaii, Mika Iijima enjoys meeting people from various countries. She believes that working with what she likes is good for her, a belief that led her down the path to become a Japanese teacher. After graduating college, she gained experience as a part time Japanese lecturer while working as a floor leader in the apparel industry. In 2015, she started working as a teacher at Coto Academy. Her parent’s house is a temple!

2) Hobbies 

Hot yoga (I go 2~3 times a week) and making photo movies.

3) What I want to contribute to students 

Foreigners who study Japanese all have different goals. Learning a language is not a simple thing. But you’re glad if you can get across what you want to say even a little bit, like “this is delicious” or “ this is fun.” As Japanese teachers, we help students through that door. Without forgetting to “smile,” and by removing the distance between student and teacher with “friendliness,” I try to create an environment where learning is fun!