Mika Iijima

1) Profile

I was born and raised in Hawaii. I enjoy meeting and speaking with people from various countries, and in thinking that working with what I like is good for me, I decided on the path to become a Japanese teacher. After graduating college, I gained experience as a part time Japanese lecturer while working as a floor leader in the apparel industry. In 2015, I started working as a teacher at Coto Academy. My parent’s house is a temple!

2) Hobbies 

Hot yoga (I go 2~3 times a week) and making photo movies.

3) What I want to contribute to students 

Foreigners who study Japanese all have different goals. Learning a language is not a simple thing. But you’re glad if you can get across what you want to say even a little bit, like “this is delicious” or “ this is fun.” As Japanese teachers, we help students through that door. Without forgetting to “smile,” and by removing the distance between student and teacher with “friendliness,” I try to create an environment where learning is fun!