Alison Lee

Alison is from Seoul, South Korea. She moved around for last ten years with her family in US, Switzerland, and Japan. She loves meeting people so much and while getting along with local people, it has made her speak several languages, English, French and Japanese including her mother tongue Korean.

Alison was away from the career for a long time, however, she was always wanting to be back on the track and finally after studying at Coto Academy for 2 years, she joined Coto team as a student support role. At the same time, she works on Coto Work as a researcher/recruiter as well.

Studying Economics at the university and working as a business analyst in the company a long ago still helps for the work, the passion for the baking helps a lot her busy schedule to give her children delicious treats.
She loves traveling, sports, playing flute and piano.
You are always welcome to ask her about Coto, life in Japan as a dependent or working as a foreigner, etc.