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Top 20 Halal Restaurants in Tokyo for Ramadan 2022

Looking for halal food options here in Tokyo? You can enjoy ramen, sushi and burgers worry-free in Tokyo.
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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan: History and Favorite Thanksgiving Restaurants

How and where to celebrate Thanksgiving this year — with our favorite restaurant recommendations!
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Top 10 Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo – Useful Vocabulary List

When going to Japan, trying out the various foods that Japan has to offer is a must. But what’s the first food that comes to the minds of us foreigners? Well, it would definitely be ramen right! With it being so well-known in Japan and also worldwide, it would be no wonder that we’d want to […]
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5 Best Tonkatsu Restaurants in Tokyo

When thinking about Japanese cuisine, I believe Tonkatsu is one of the dishes you can think of. Tonkatsu, also known as Japaese pork cutlet is a Japanese dish that consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. It involves coating slices of pork with panko, frying them in oil, and then serving with rice and shredded […]
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Japanese Essentials: How to Book a Restaurant by Phone?

Tokyo is home to a large number of Michelin starred restaurants but getting a table can be difficult if you haven't made a reservation in advance.
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Japanese Essentials: Ordering at a Japanese Fast Food Restaurant

In this article we will cover the key words and sentences you need to remember when ordering at a Japanese fast food restaurant.
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Japanese Essentials: Key Phrases for Ordering at a Restaurant

Eating out in Japan can be a little intimidating if you can't read the menu. But fear no more as we have gathered a few key phrases for you to enjoy your meal!
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Japanese Essentials: What Is This Item On The Restaurant Menu?

Once you learn a few basic words, ordering at a Japanese restaurant is not very difficult. This article will cover how to ask for recommendations.
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Japanese Essentials: How to go about ordering Sushi at a Restaurant

Origins of Sushi Walking into a Sushi Restaurant Appreciating your Sushi Types of Sushi Meals Frequently Asked Questions regarding eating Sushi Conclusion   Origins of Sushi Sushi embarked its journey around the 8th century in Japan. Since then, it has reached the stomach of many people around the world. The word “Sushi” is definitely not […]
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How NOT to Learn Japanese: 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Learning Japanese

Learning a new language is always hard. From memorizing vocabulary and new alphabets to studying different grammar structures, it’s like a long and difficult journey where there are so many struggles and challenges that we all have to face and have to figure out the best approach to tackle the obstacles by ourselves.  It’s perfectly […]
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Guide to Climbing Mt. Fuji for Foreigners: When and How to Do It

In Japan, there is a saying about Mount Fuji that goes, “If one does not climb Mt. Fuji at least once then they are a fool, but if they climb it twice they are also a fool.”  一度も登らぬ馬鹿に、二度登る馬鹿 Ichi-do mo noboranu baka ni, nido noboru baka  Climbing Mt. Fuji, otherwise known as Fuji-san (富士山) in Japanese, […]
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ポイントカードはおもちですか? Guide to Point Cards in Japan

Your guide to how to respond to ポイントカードはよろしいですか (pointo kaado wa yoroshii desuu ka), and why you might want to get a one (or two) point cards in Japan.
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