Express Your Emotions in Japanese

Quick Guide: Express Your Emotions in Japanese

Posted by on November 2, 2016 – Japanese Study

How do you express your emotions in Japanese? If you’re learning Japanese, it’s helpful to know how to let other know what you’re feeling. We’ve gathered a quick list of essential words that will come in handy, but don’t worry about memorizing too much!


  • わら – to laugh
  • める – to encourage
  • よろこ – to celebrate, to be jubilant, to have joy
  • なぐさめる – to console
  • かなしむ – to be sad
  • – to cry
  • 怒るおこ – to be angry
  • 叱るしか – to scold
  • あきるきる – to be disinterested, to be bored, to be tired of, to be weary
  • おどろ – to be astonished, to be surprised, to be scared
  • 感謝かんしゃするー to be grateful


  • うれしい – happy
  • かなしい – sad
  • ずかしい ー shy
  • さびしい淋しい – lonely
  • こわ恐い – scary
  • つら – painful, heart-breaking

Among the various expressions existing to express emotions in Japanese, 感動かんどうする is a beautiful one. Composed with the kanji for feelings and the kanji for motion, this verb expresses having strong feeling, especially of sadness or sympathy.

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