Cultural Events Coto March Events Calendar 2018

Every month we hold cultural and social events for our students and their friends to discover more about Japanese culture, meet new friends and practice Japanese. We are looking fo...

Posted by on February 13, 2018
Coto’s Beer Garden Party! + Practice Japanese!

How have you been spending the hot summer in Japan? At Coto Language Academy, continuing from last year, we powerfully beat back the summer heat with a beer garden! This...

Find The Perfect Accommodation For Your Stay

At Coto Academy, we care to help you enjoy your experience studying Japanese! If you’re looking for an accommodation during your time with us, we’d be happy to recommen...

4 Essential Skills For Conducting Business in Japanese

Have you ever worked in a Japanese speaking work environment? Or Do you want to get a job in a Japanese speaking business? The following four points outline four aptitudes...

Study Japanese in Tokyo – Coto student profile #1 Andrew F

In our first interview series we talk to Andrew Freeling from America about what it’s like to study Japanese in a classroom compared to studying by himself online.

Japanese Sake Brewery Tour

Do you know how 日本酒 -nihon-shu (Japanese rice wine, or sake) is made? The basic ingredients are rice and water.Various types of sake are created based on the quality of...

Tokyo Fireworks Season Schedule

The fireworks season has started in Japan and it is a great way for our students to experience Japanese culture, food and to practise what they’ve learned in the classroom.

Getting to know Japan: Okinawa

Our latest Getting to know Japan took us to a fantastic Okinawan restaurant.

Welcome to Coto Language Academy

We set a new exciting course for Iidabashi Language School.

Coto’s 4 week Japanese Intensive Course

Coto’s intensive course aims not only for students to understand the content of their learning, but raises them to the level where they are able to use it as well.


みなさんが日本に来て最初に覚えた日本語は何ですか? この記事を英語で読む こんにちは?さようなら? そうですね。日本語の別れの挨拶は「さようなら」が定番です。 会話本や一般的なテキストにもしっかりと書かれています。 しかし日本で生活しはじめた多くの皆さんが気がついているように、日本人は普段の会話でさようならをほとんど使いません。学校などの下校時などに使われて...


お正月の日本語 (Click here for English version) 中国や韓国では旧暦でお正月を祝うのに対して(日本では旧正月と呼ばれます)日本では新暦(現在のカレンダー)でお祝いをします。日本ではお正月がクリスマスよりも大切な行事となり年末から1月1日〜3日までの3日間(三ヶ日さんがにち)にかけて一週間ほどは会社や公共機関などはお休みになるこ...

ILS made my Japanese learning experience extremely enjoyable!

★Introducing testimonials from student’s of ILS (Iidabashi Language School) before it became Coto Academy “ILS made my Japanese learning experience extremely enjoyable!...